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rmakers 08-16-2006 10:51 AM

need new cell phone
so I had a fancy new mp3 playing, video recording, picture taking cell phone, and a month after I got it I accedently crushed it under a big industrial shelf at work (I work at a factory). Now I need a new phone and I won't be geting the fancy discount from Verizon wireless becouse I just got that a month ago, so I can buy any cdma phone from anyhere (assuming it's unlocked). I like to support linux in any way that I can including comercial products that utilize it. I am looking for suggestions as to particular phone, I have heard that linux is being used to power a lot of the new phones, does anyon know which ones?
if not, does anyone have a suggestion as to a phone they have been happy with, I would like mp3 support, small is good.

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