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TedtheRushFan 04-08-2005 02:09 AM

Need detailed steps for GRUB 0.92 to load 3 OS'
Can anyone give me a nice step by step guide to chain booting with GRUB 0.92 so I can select from my three OS on the Redhat 8.0 boot screen that comes up?

Desired multi boot options; #1 = Linux on F: , #2 = DOS (Win98 on old C: and the old D: like the way it was) and #3 = XP on E:

I have two PCs; One for internet stuff and the other for programming only (CS box). On my CS box my previous set up was Win98 on C: (Primary Master, FAT32) and D: as a data disk (Pri.Slave, FAT32) or called hda and hdb by RH8. My Secondary Mstr and Slv are DVD and CDRW. On an UltraATA card I installed RH8 on a third HD (Pri.Mstr as E: by Win98 and hdg to RH8) and a Zip100 drive (Sec. Mstr).

Now I need to add WinXP pro sp2 upgrade. Yes, I really need a multiboot system with Linux, Win98 and XP. Unfortunately I bought XP a week ago for $100 from the college bookstore. I just out I can get a stand-alone version for just the price of the CDs or download it through a special for academic software. Anyway, I've added another (4th) HD on the UltraATA card as Pri.Mstr. The RHLinux disk is on the same 36" cable but is now Pri.Slv. So I formatted HD#4 and I accidentally made it into an exact copy of C: . Now when booting DOS (Win98) it hangs with the word GRUB, a space, and then a blinking cursor OR I can get RH8 to boot with an emergency disk. If I press the esc key as the UltraATA card is detecting devices I get a device boot list. This must be the UltraATA menu (it doesn't say). When I select SCSI it boots the new (4th) drive and since it's a copy of C:. It boots automatically! No GRUB multiboot! The OS (copied Win98 from old C: ) list the following HDs; C: (which is actually the 4th HD), D: (the old C: ) and E: (the data disk D: with FAT32). All the shortcuts and links from original C: to the original D: are lost of course.

Waiting for help:
I'm using my net PC for programming until I can get some help with my CS box. I'm going to install Win98 on the 4th HD, so that I can upgrade it to XP, and a modem card so I can activate it. I hope to get the multiboot problem fixed before summer term starts.

Follow up questions on access to all drives when running Linux;
1. How can I get access to my old data HD D: when I'm in Linux, i.e, to make the drive show up in the /mnt directory as well as my old C: (showed up as /mnt/win)?
2. After I get my CS box with all 3 OS, will my 4th HD show up in /mnt will running Linux due to changing to NTSF (upgrading to XP) on the new #4 HD?

From research on LILO and GRUB, I know there has got to be a fairly simple way to do these things but this sitaution is more complex with win98 and XP. I'm not confident in my skills yet to start mucking about with my MBR. Please give me any threads or links if you've already given or know of solutions. Thank you in advance for any guidance or condolences.

harken 04-15-2005 06:41 AM

You already posted this at

XavierP 04-15-2005 07:55 AM

Please do not post the same thread in more than one forum. Picking the most relevant forum and posting it once there makes it easier for other members to help you and keeps the discussion all in one place.

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