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GUIPenguin 03-31-2005 05:55 PM

my letter to my admin.
Ok basicly at our school is different. The schools lets the kids be the admins. I am part of a select group where we have access to everything including working on our new cisco wireless systems....etc

But I seem to disagree with one thing...Suse. this is a letter I sent to my 'adult' admin. just to let you know he doesnt know a thing about linux. he just spend 'money' on 700 suse lisences...

Another kid is Scott....he knows a little it do you feel about this? I didnt know where to put it becouse it isnt really an informative question. But does anyone else feel the same as me?


If you get the time...please try to read this all...becouse scott just
doesnt listen to me.

Mr. Fatula....I guess this has really been bothering me. I really dont
think that SuSE is the best decision for the school. Your decision is
the only thing that matters...but please here me out.

Almost every night I get an email from scott about a problem he is
having with his suse box at home....and every time I email him back
the answer. I really dont know if scott knows enough about linux to
actualy be convincing people to use it.

I basically build my own systems from scratch now. I have tryed every
distrobution on including most of the SuSE linux distros.
I really havnt ever seen more problems with suse and how laggy it is
on the system.

I have for about a year been using what is getting to be one of the
most popular distributions. Gentoo Linux.

what I basicly do is build gentoo for MY system and how I want it. the
special thing about gentoo is that every package is current

with emerge --sync every package in the portage tree is brand new the
day the developer releases it onto the ebuild system. Even with the
most current version of Novell Linux Desktop I saw today that it was
installing outdated and unsupported software.

I guess what Im trying to say is SuSE is an easy install...but you
have almost no control over any of your packages...with suse I dont
want to install outdated packages just to use yast again to uninstall
them...then download the rpm or sources for a current release.

I know you really Like Novell.....but personally If it was me Suse
woulnt be my choice at all.
Even scott admits suse is the most laggy system...but in reality he
has never tryed anything else so he really hasnt learnt how to install
something with out a gui doing everything for you.

This is just what I have been thinking about for a long time.....and
thought I might share it with you.

twilli227 03-31-2005 06:08 PM

You could start out using a spell checker. Use capital letters to start a paragraph, and use commas where needed.

.but you have almost no control over any of your packages.
Have you ever used Suse? You can install only the packages that you want, same with all the other distros.

what I basicly do is build gentoo for MY system and how I want it. the
special thing about gentoo is that every package is current
Do you really want/need the current packages on your system?
I am not saying your choices are right or wrong, but you have to look at the big picture.

he just spend 'money' on 700 suse lisences...
Maybe you should sit down with him and explain how linux works. Maybe have a web site to show him what he does not know about linux.
Just my thoughts. Good luck.

Bruce Hill 03-31-2005 06:12 PM

I don't know the situation at your school, but I assume that if they
bought 700 licenses, they have 700 computers on which to install
an OS. Unless they are all identical, it would be a logistical nightmare
to install Gentoo on 700 boxes. And how long would that take?
How much bandwidth would it take? There are many more factors,
but these are just two which would preclude your school choosing to
install Gentoo. For that situation a binary distribution might be better,
depending upon the needs and use of the OS.

Read this thread titled The woes of Gentoo -- especially posts #12 & 22
by bughead1. He's a sysadmin with a lot of experience.

Finally, you should submit that letter to your English teacher first. If
English is your first language, you really need to spend a little of that
computer time studying the language. Your other teacher may not read
your letter with such poor grammar.

GUIPenguin 03-31-2005 06:22 PM

yes every computer in different areas are the same...we usaly use Norton Ghost... so it would only be about 3 installs.

Sorry about the english I was typing that very fast...

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