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Old 04-18-2001, 01:39 PM   #1
Registered: Apr 2001
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Here is an angry letter I've just sent to Microsoft describing how tyrannous and wretched both they and what they sell are. The purpose of posting this here is to protect to purity of the GNU public liscense from Bill Gates-Who is heavily investing in Linux,and begin an anti-Windows compain against Microsoft's monopolizing practices.
For those of you who ARE programmers and who identify with the points outlined here,please feel free to modify this letter according to your own technical observations regarding the inferiority of Windows or the heniousness of Microsoft and forward it to as many consumer advocate orgs as possible,even send it back to Microsoft.This crap corporation has got to change or fall, and it's up to people to make that happen,esp those of use who believe that
software should be open-sourced and free,and that people should have the freedom to choose what to use and what to spend their money on and when they do-IT SHOULD WORK!
The letter is as follows....
I am beyond the seeking support or help from Microsoft, having thoroghly learned that it doesn't exist. But-Before I go into my tirade,I have a few questions:
1)Why is it that the driver information base insists on installing devices,even when those devices are not present?
2)Why is it that Windows will offer resource modification options but will not allow the user to modify or change hardware configuration settings?
3)Why is it that Windows only works with so-call 'WIN' modems and printers?
4)Why is it that the 'help and support' features always fail to point to the correct problem a user is having,and even if it does,points to a solution which does not explain methodically how to resolve it?
In case you don't have any answer to those four out of four hundred questions,I'll give you one answer that pretty much covers everything-
WINDOWS is,and always was, JUNK! It was designed to be junk,and it was designed that way to make money and rob consumers and keep them chasing after bell and whistle software while simultaneously holding the PC software/hardware market hostage! It is designed to limit and restrict the consumer's freedom to choose what types of software to use,what types of hardware to use,what types of operating systems to use,to those components,and software,and only those components and software that MICROSOFT/WINDOWS has deemed fit.Otherwise,the operating system will confuse devices,fail to detect devices,crash programs,confuse partition tables,or anything else that will force the consumer to purchase microsoft products in order to get their computers to work.Microsoft knows that that's a FACT,Bill Gates knows that it's a FACT-That the objective of this whole stinking corporation is to monopolize,undermine,and control trends in software and computer technologic development.
THAT is why Microdoft is pouring so much money into LINUX,
because Bill Gates knows(like he knew of Macintosh)that his OS sucked,that Mac was better,that Unix was better,that Linux is better-So he's trying to buy and own the GNU Public Liscense like he tries to buy and own everything else.Well guess what Bill-It will never happen,and there are thousands of developers and programmers out there who will see to it that you never degrade or corrupt the sanctity of the GNU liscense and that software stays FREE and OPEN SOURCED instead of PROPRIETARY and CORPORATE OWNED so that only YOU(Bill Gates)profits from it. Microsoft is a threat to technologic development and innovation,it is a consumer thief,and it is a plundering pirate which every consumer and busniness needs to ABANDON. LEAVE LINUX ALONE,LEAVE IT TO THE PEOPLE TO DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT THEIR COMPUTERS TO DO FOR THEM!
And no sooner than this 'commentary' is concluded will it be forwarded to every single consumer advocate organization I can think of and then back to Microsoft.And it won't come from me-It'll come from all the people whose time and resources have been wasted and pilfered messing around with Windows,trusting in an anti-trust corporation,and people who want the freedom to CHOOSE,who want BETTER,not just bigger.
"Those who make demands of tyranny do so out of their own need and not because it succeeds-Because it never has,and never will."

Old 04-19-2001, 07:15 AM   #2
LQ Guru
Registered: Jan 2001
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I have this strange feeling that Mr Gates is going to keep doing what he is doing, he will dominate a while longer but for sure if he keeps up the pace on what he is doing now, he will lose his stand.

I do recall once he said as the internet was just starting to take notice back in the early 90's, Mr Bill stated there was nothing good that will come out of the Intenet, hmmm, he seems really smart don't you think. Isn't that whole .NET crap is solely based on the Internet.

Who knows, who cares, I use Linux and that is all that matters. I just know this time around I am ahead all ready of the next revolution.
Old 04-19-2001, 07:41 AM   #3
Copenhagen Cowboy
Registered: Mar 2001
Location: D/FW
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QUOTE]Originally posted by noel
NOTE: I'd be nice to adjust the board so that it advises you to complete subject fields before destoying your message-Not after.

Anyhow-I'm about ready to leave Linux alone. It's costing me more time and money than Windows ever did,and the reality is that it really isn't a user friendly OS more than a hack handy configurable OS which depends on the user's patience and knowledge. I thought you were supposed to upgrade-Not downgrade,and that seems to be the case with Linux- I'm buying newer devices for a new system to run Windows and yet Linux can only work with older components!
I can't get X to use my nVidia at 32bpp;The Viking lt modem -forget it. And although Linux suports sb-Not the new sb live! card. So I've one display mode[800x600,which sux],no modem and no sound. Caldera is dangerous HDD destructive junk and should never be used by anyone unless they've a legacy PC.I'd upgrade my distribution,but for what? If it doesn't work,I've no more patience to run hundreds of installations under dozens of varied conditions trying to get "the perfect setup".
Don't get me wrong- I love Linux,but I don't wanna love it just because I hate Windows.I wanna love it cause it's better-And so far,it's not.

Looks like you have changed your tune quite a bit.
Old 04-19-2001, 10:31 AM   #4
Registered: Apr 2001
Posts: 31

Original Poster
Rep: Reputation: 15
That's frustration...

"Don't get me wrong- I love Linux,but I don't wanna love it just because I hate Windows.I wanna love it cause it's better-And so far,it's not."

...and acknowledging that it's really a shame that Linux is not [yet] as user 'ready' as Windows. I and Linux have been friends for quite a while, except that just haven't had the patience to deal with it. On the other hand,my disgust with Microsux is VERY genuine, and I've become more disgusted with Microsux as I learn more about Linux' capabilities.My first love was DOS actually and I never cared for the WinGooey:The command-line,is what attracted me to Linux in the first place.They are indeed two totally different tunes.Linux is better once you KNOW it. And if you don't,just as every user's guide tells you, "you'll be put off." The reality of the comments you've quoted lie in the fact that the only reason for the frustration with Linux-Is because of everything said about Windows. When I was learning comp tech I was experimenting with Linux and predicted in a sense,the anti-trust suit,as well as the spread of Linux. Everyone asked me why I hated Windows then, and I said the same thing I say now learn Linux,and you'll see.

Old 04-19-2001, 12:20 PM   #5
Registered: Dec 2000
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Copenhagen Cowboy is right about one thing.. hardware support is not as vast as in the Windows arena, but this is because Windows still dominates. Few people of the older generation or even mine (I am 25) want to learn something new. They may not use their PC a lot, have the time, or need all the power Linux gives the user.

I learned of Linux less than a year ago, and up till that time I never disliked Windows. I thought there was nothing better or could even be made better. I found out other wise. In fact, I still dont have a big problem with Windows, but with the company. They are have bad practices, and I drop companies like hot rocks for very small things. They got me to drop them because they ripped me for $150 because their crappy software would not work on my PC, and to help me would have cost me even more money.

Plus, to me, Linux is not just software or an operating system, but a way of thinking. it stands for freedom, and not jsut in the computer industry. I personally feel like our individual rights and freedoms are diminishing, at least in the US, and Linux gives me hope. I may be silly thinking this, Linux will have profound ramifications on societies around the world, affecting all areas of life.

Already contries that never could afford a PC with software can now, and more will be able to. I think that the world will be a very different place in the next 10-20 years, as more people join the revolution. Patents will go to the wayside, and the idea of even holding on to your innovations so no one can improve them will be considered a bad thing.

Right now the world runs way to much on money, and companies feel that they will make more money keeping secrets. Look at the whole Human Gnome Project. Some company is actually patenting their finding on what nature (or God if you so believe) created. But that is not going to help, but hinder our ability to fix diseses and other diabilites, not speed it up.

In conclusion, Linux is freedom in every sense of the word, and as long as there are people who believe in that, Linux will spread. People I have helped convert are even starting to get some of the same "hacker" ideals. As more people convert, more will see our way of thinking, and eventually, MicroCrap, if they dont adapt, will be forced to close. In fact, I would be willing to bet many software companies will close, but MicroCrap is the one I really want to go down.
Old 04-20-2001, 07:33 AM   #6
LQ Newbie
Registered: Apr 2001
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
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Thumbs up

Linux vs Microsoft Windows - a bit like David vs Goliath, only it seems that David has got a whole gang behind him now, his underpants have just got bigger, so he can sling bigger rocks. (thinking of an old Monty Python sketch here).

The problem is, we've become so lazy. In the old days (I'm 47, I well remember steam radio) when you switched your computer on, you were confronted with a blank screen and the C prompt. Then along came Windows. Love it or hate it, the fact is, more people were attracted to computers because of the GUI that Windows offered. Different applications could be learned quickly because they all used the same Windows interface.

But, like everything else in life, there is a price to pay. We've become so used to Windows and have come to accept it as the way computers are (with apologies to Mac owners - a different breed), we just blindly accept that everything must must be as Windows decrees. And Bill Gates' ploy of giving away Internet Explorer free made a lot of users more and more dependent on Microsoft. Billy Boy got greedy and tried to muscle in on the Internet, trying to enforce his own brand. Luckily even HIS vast fortune was not enough to buy Internet dominance.

Computers are a way of life now. Businesses rely heavily on tried and trusted software which is popular and they can recruit people who have hands-on experience of Excel, Word and Powerpoint, etc. simply because most home computers are bundled with Windows.

As far as I can see, Linux can only compete and catch the attention of businesses on two fronts - (1) it's network capabilities (here, with it's Unix pedigree, it apparently outshines Windows NT) and (2) with it's GUI, which will have to be good enough to tempt Windows users over. There is some progress being made there, with some famous (non-Bill Gates dominated) applications being released on the Linux platform.

But what do I know? All I can say is that, if I had went into a shop to buy my very first computer, knowing nothing about them (about the level I'm at now) and had the choice of a Windows OS or Linux OS, I'd have to say that it would be Windows - it has to be, because Microsoft and the vendors have bundled so many goodies with the hardware, that it is so difficult to resist.

So what the heck am I struggling with Linux for? Simple. It's free and as a Scotsman, it's my duty to seek out freebies (got to keep the typecasting up). But more seriously, it has stopped me being lazy and so dependent on Microsoft. I am learning things about how my computer really works. I'm beginning to understand the computer architecture, what happens behind the scenes. Above all, it's like joining a club, not an exclusive club, all are welcome it seems. But it's great to get so much advice and help from so many people.

Don't get me wrong - I find Linux so frustrating at times. I've just loaded it and I'm having all sorts of problems. As far as I'm concerned, some of the manuals may as well be written in Japanese, for all the sense they make. 'PenquinSpeak', I call it. But one day I will crack it. It's just making that mindshift, just learning to type commands on the command line again and not reaching for the mouse.

Years ago, I struggled with the Acorn Operating System, and never had a mouse. My first foray into PCs was so easy, because the Acorn OS was so like DOS. If Linux had been around then in it's present incarnation,well, who knows. Personally, I think I would have been much more tolerant in those pre-Windows95 days. (Windows 3.1 and DOS command line prompts lived happily together).

But I do get a buzz out of Linux. It's different, it makes you think, it teaches you more about how the computer works. Right now, it's on a different hard drive to Windows. Maybe one day I'll make Linux my default boot drive, but I still have a long, long way to go. Will it be worth it? I'll let you know.

Well, that's my tuppence worth. Now where's the manual? Got to find out how to use Linux to bring peace to the world and end poverty. I think that's in chapter 27......

Old 04-20-2001, 07:43 AM   #7
LQ Guru
Registered: Jan 2001
Posts: 24,149

Rep: Reputation: 257Reputation: 257Reputation: 257
Actually about your speech on Windows has so many goodies packaged, when I got into Linux, I found it came with about everything I needed during the install. Windows didn't do that for me, do a install of base Windows and all you have is a pretty screen, with crappy background wallpapers and screen savers. There is nothing that I use in a Windows install unless I go out and find cracked version of software so I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on them. With Linux, it is all free, anyone who knows nothing about computers and gets one, whatever they first boot up with will learn it. Either Windows or Linux, if you teach a person who knows nothing of computers about Linux and not even mention Windows, they will learn it faster than someone who use to use Windows. I garantee that as a fact. Its like when someone learns to drive. Teach them with a automatic first, a standard will become difficult, teach them standard first, automatic is just as easy afterwards.
Old 04-20-2001, 11:17 AM   #8
Copenhagen Cowboy
Registered: Mar 2001
Location: D/FW
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By the way, it doesn't matter how much money Bill Gates has, he will not be able to do away with the GNU. For evidence to this point, read
Old 05-02-2001, 07:09 AM   #9
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Wink i think...

I think the reason that Linux has not yet excelled beyond Windows(hardware support, popularity, etc.) is because people don't see one strong company backing it up, and hardware companies not taking a few hours to make a few Linux drivers for their products! To someone who has tought themselves how computers work and stuff since they were 5(like me) using windows, it was a HUGE step to do everything the right way with linux because now i had to do all of it and not let windows do the bullshit it never told me that it did.

thats just my oppinion.

also, i hope that one day, APPLE will rule, because it constantly gets ripped off by our enemy MICROSOFT
Old 05-03-2001, 10:03 AM   #10
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Microsoft may be the dominating force behind current desktop systems, but when it comes to new 'interoperability' systems, Linux will always be on top!

For example: The latest version of Windows (non-NT based) will not have any kind of support for Blue-Tooth. Why? Because Bill doesn't think that it'll catch-on!

IBM have just announced their new watch - that runs Linux! Not only that, but it already has the capability to communicate with the current wealth of hardware that uses infra-red, and has the capability to communicate with the few devices that do support Blue-Tooth.

So, while Bill insists on ruling the desktop market at the moment, Linux systems will start to pervade the user market from the back-door, and it won't be too long before users are more comfortable using Linux on their desktop systems as they've already become used to it from their watches/PDAs/comprehensive games consoles/TVs/VCRs/Cable systems/etc.

"The more people involved in giant corporations, the more narrow minded they shall become" - A nice little quote, from ME!
Old 05-18-2001, 07:29 AM   #11
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Location: Plymouth, England.
Distribution: Mostly Debian based systems
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Something else...

Anyone else noticed that Nokia have been joining in? Recently they have introduced the Linux system to their mobile phones and they seem to be having a party! Like I said, people will become used to Linux because it will be used in all other products. Won't be long 'til it's a BIG player!
Old 05-20-2001, 08:37 PM   #12
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Wether ppl want to face it or not. Windows simply ownz Linux when it comes to GUI's. And that's what the common pc user want's.
If you want to run Linux you still have work with .conf files and I dunno what. It can be a royal pain in the a..
You have 100's of packets of appz made by John Doe, some look to be documented by a 5 year old. Just look at Linuxconf. FFS.. what a piece of crap. And don't get me started on the command line parameters.
uh oh.. and dependencies when you try to install a packet...FFS. grrrrr
As a friend of mine once said. Linux is great for running a server parked anyway in a dark basement, never to be touched..
And lately I've read several artikels in seriuos papers about why Linux is not more used than is the case.. They all point to the same same thing. It's not matured.. It's simply not ready for the masses..
I have to agree..
I have a server running Linux, and I can't complain (though it was a pain to get it running), but I will NOT be running Linux on my desktop..
I'm very happy with my Win2k desktop, and next 1 will be WinXP..
Still it's nice enough to have the choise, and maybe 1 day Linux will make it's way to my desktop. But probably not any time soon

Old 05-22-2001, 06:32 AM   #13
Registered: Sep 2000
Location: Haarlem, The Netherlands
Distribution: Freesco, RedHat, Debian
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Personally I don't think that "letter" to Microsoft will do anything, for one it is written in anger and full of hate, any respectable person would toss it in the dustbin before reading it....
Think of it, if you (or your company) got a letter like that would you read it, would you care... ???

And as far as Linux vs Windows... thats not really a fair comparison... yet... just wait and see...

We all have been spoiled by the ease of use in GUI's and Windows as a desktop system... I wonder if we ever get back to the good old Unix environment days where application servers exsited and your workstation was nothing more that a terminal displaying what the server gave you....

It would make the job of system administrators so much more easy, and it would definaty eliminate illegal software... In many big companies you see all sorts of drastic measures to prevent the use of illegal software, but it all starts with Windows, having your own harddisk and the possibility to install stuff yourself... Linux can change things around there...

I myself play a lot with Linux, still use Windows (NT) on my laptop to work on, but have a Linux based router/firewall to protect my home network, and I recommend most of my clients a Linux webserver because its far more stable (and cheaper ;o) than Windows....
And with the current developments in Linux (aiming more and more to high end bussiness servers where availability, load balancing and stability is important) it is showing to be more and more a real partner in the current market...

And as for Billyboy... well he's made his millions, and who can blame him... he's just human and did have a good sence for business... I wonder what his real answer to the growing Linux community will be, that is if he ever needs to build an answer, maybe he has ruled the top of the market just long enough to stay in there and coexsist with Linux, Mac and the rest...


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