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Hosiah 03-13-2006 12:58 AM

Moving to new site; critique my old site?
If you're all *really* bored, here, for once, is a Linux question that *doesn't* send you scampering to a man page or flipping through a 1000-page book for the answer! (-:

I'm going to be moving my two blogs Techn0manc3r (geek blog about FOSS stuff) and WallpaperFree (graphics gallery) to a new site Penguin Pete's, which is currently just the banner graphic/construction sign. It'll all just get combined into one site, with perhaps different tabs/pages for graphics, reviews, HOWTOs, etc.

So, I'd like if ya'll could swing by the old blogs and tell me why they stink! Tell me where I screwed up with their design, what principles of web design I violated, critque them with your most nobbish tastes! The better for I might absorb fully my past mistakes and learn to improve with my new design. The new site, I'm planning to use just the graphic at the top, and a CSS something like one of the simpler, airier designs at this site.

Thanks in advance, and I hope you found something more interesting to do after this! (-:

MasterC 03-13-2006 04:14 AM

Sweet site (WallpaperFree)! Appreciate the free images, very nice work. The only thing I looked for and couldn't find was something like a tarball (monthly or quarterly would probably be fine) to grab all the images at once! Also, I read your FAQ at the bottom, but wasn't sure if there was issues with people linking to these from websites and such. Linking to the page is fine, but what about directly to an image?

All in all, not bad work. Something else you have probably considered and strayed from would be to put 3 or 4 images per "page" instead of 1 below the other. Probably not too clear (I understand it's likely also a limitation of the blog software) but I mean put the images next to each other 2-3 across rather than 1 across and 3 down (per page down roll). Or even better, leave it as is, but create a gallery only view where you have smaller thumbnails 4-5 across and link to the large image.

Just some ideas, not much to criticize, it seems like it's done well to me. Maybe it's a little dark at times, but it's artistic choice so I don't know how that can be criticized.

Thanks again!


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