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RandomTroll 03-20-2019 09:07 PM is down
I check the site daily to keep up on bandwidth use (I pay for a finite amount.) It has been down for 3 days. I even checked on downforeveryoneorjustme . The community support fora don't work either. Anybody know what's up? It's still ISPing me.

frankbell 03-20-2019 09:31 PM

I was able to connect to a login dialog by putting in my browser address bar and was able to log in, but, when I got to the "Choose Your Account" dialog, the site was unresponsive.

But I did stumble over this:

Don't know if this helps.

I almost never log into T-Mobile, but I am a satisfied customer since Voicestream here in the States.

RandomTroll 03-21-2019 10:26 PM

connect-me is old, gets converted into I can't even ping it from home. It worked this afternoon from a college library. You'd think that since they're my ISP they'd serve me.

frankbell 03-21-2019 10:32 PM

If it were me, I'd call them on the telly phone. The few times I've had to call them, I've found their support persons to be exemplary.

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