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Dutch Master 05-03-2012 05:01 PM

Microsoft disrupts criminal investigations
Found elsewhere, translation of original Dutch article:


AMSTERDAM - Again, the performance of Microsoft for discussion in the downing of the Zeus network. Not only does research information to the public, but also ruined several criminal cases.
Read on at: this link As the original text isn't perfect, the translation isn't either. Can't fix that, sorry...

The original writer, Brenno de Winter, is a reputable journalist on ICT matters. He demonstrated how easy it is to crack the old Mifare Classic chipcard (better known to Londoners as the Oyster card for public transport within Greater London (UK)) as in use as the Dutch OV chip card (for public transport). He's also very skilled in getting information Dutch officials want to remain secret via the Court system (not hacking!), especially on matters regarding government-ICT (and it's implementation of Open Source) and public transport.

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