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KePSuX 08-15-2003 03:05 PM

Maximize Putty to command prompt?
I use a software package thats running on a old SCO (ugh..) box. It is a POS station. it has the abaility to accept a telnet connection (it's not my fault, its just the way it has to be). when thuis is done it prompts for username and password. once this is put in the box boots into a ghetto looking GUI, which is the POS software. If during the logon process right after the un/pw is put in you maximize the window putty is in instead of puttin you at the GUI the server gives you a terminal prompt. from there you are not chrooted into any particular directory, but your permissions are very limited. I still (obviously) see this as a major security issue. Aside from just disabling telnet at the router, are there any other fixes for something like this? We have contacted the software vendor and they are unaware of the problem, but are working on a fix.

the super confusing part to me, is why would a change of size in putty make the server change where it dumps you? any ideas, or questions for clarification? thanks!

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