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Stephanie 12-26-2001 01:47 PM

I have played with Mac OS X, and it is pretty stable, fast, and powerful. However, Mac is not near as big as x86 machines. Linux runs on the same machines as Windows, and then some. Mac would only have a chance if it ported its OS to x86 platforms for the people that use them.

gui10 12-26-2001 09:48 PM

part of the code that went into the MacOS X was taken from FreeBSD...

finegan 12-31-2001 04:36 PM

Quite a lot of OSX is FreeBSD actually. A friend of mine was showing me how he got Xemacs to work on his new $1600 Mac Notebook. This was while he was fiddling with the wireless LAN I put together to sponge off of his Cable connection... which cost me about $25.

That's the difference between PC and Mac. Crack it open, rip it apart, fiddle with it, wipe off the peanut butter and ram it back in the ISA slot.

Wow, what a tangent, what was this thread about again?

Is M$ scared? Heck man, I am. The guy that really well ghost-wrote Just For Fun pointed out something rather interesting; that Linux (and here I really mean the whole OS, not just the Kernel, so this may be over-generalized), is the largest collaborative project in history.



gui10 01-01-2002 01:50 AM

is that $1600 in USD?

Stephanie 01-16-2002 02:53 PM

BSD is a really nice Operating System. It is fast, reliable, and open source, and even runs most apps that Linux runs.

But obviously it is NOT better than Linux, because penguins are simply much cuter than devils :)

sancho5 01-16-2002 06:21 PM

gotta step in here... talking about better, seriously need to get into BSD. Open- is the shiz; ppl really concerned about security don't risk the linux exploits. (Yes, Linux has exploits, if you look at it the right way).

Like someone once said;

Linux is for people who hate Microsoft... BSD is for people who love Unix.

gui10 01-17-2002 06:18 AM

regardless of what BSD or Linux may be, or who it may be for, i'm sure Open- is not the 'shiz', as so eloquently put by sancho5. otherwise, the lot of us wil be using lotsa 'shiz' and loving it! sounds ironical.

but then again, we're all entitled to our own opinion.

btw, i don't hate MS... i don't have that kind of time to cultivate a negative emotion towards a faceless organization. but i do like linux a lot. so that kinda refutes the thing that 'someone' said about "Linux is for people who hate Microsoft... BSD is for people who love Unix."
much like in C, once the falsity of the first statement is determined, the second part of the statement will not even so much as be entertained by the compiler...

myopia can be such a drug...

sancho5 01-17-2002 09:57 AM

No, I agree with you. thanks for setting me straight.
what I said wasn't an attack at Linux, so bristle down. those that haven't spent a lot of time in OpenBSD can't appreciate its advantages - security being foremost; stability in structure and design being closely thereafter. Things a lot of Linux distros' developers don't place as high on their list.
No OS wars here, though right?
Anyway, this threads been so off topic for the longest time already. (makers of nmap) had a survey some time ago asking the visitors what thier favorite security related tools turned out to be (both open-source and commercial.)
Every participant could name 5 or their most used tools, in whatever range qualified as security related (port scanners, vulnerability scanners, password cracks, OSes, etc.) What would you all put on your list?

Stephanie 01-17-2002 10:45 AM

Jeez sancho and gui,

You both need to calm down.

I am not trying to start an OS war. Especially when it is over two awesome and fun operating systems. Face it, both BSD and Linux have advantages and disadvantages.

All I was simply pointing out is that while I am alittle devilish, I still think that Linux has a better mascot. I was not stating anything else beyond that.

:rolleyes: Computer geeks will be computer geeks :rolleyes:

sancho5 01-17-2002 10:52 AM

lol.. and people say that if women ruled the world, there wouldn't be any wars... ;)
I don't think we're at each other's throats on this. I worded my response a bit inappropriately, so never mind me on that.
You are bit of a devil-girl, but we love you for it! We're all still friends, right?
Anyway, on with the question I posed earlier. Even if you don't have security related proggies in mind, list your 5 favorite apps that you use and why they are so useful. Let's get this thread hoppin' again.

Stephanie 01-17-2002 11:27 AM

Always so serious..

I honestly can say I am pretty bad. I have a hardware firewall, so I dont do much else.

Oh wait, actually I do run Bastille-Firewall that came with my distro. But no port scanenrs or anything like that.

I have a list of those programs I am going to download and install hopefully this weekend.

I guess this really wasnt much help. I'll go crawl under a cave now.

finegan 01-17-2002 05:58 PM


Originally posted by sancho5

No OS wars here, though right?

What would you all put on your list?

Here here,

Absolutely, no OS wars... as long as none of us are extoling the virtues of Win95 though, we'de all have to leave the battlefield calling it a win really.

My list:

Nmap, although I wish I could code and assist this project as even the 2.54Beta is becoming quite venerable in OS detection. There's no fingerprint ID diff for XP and it still ID's 2k as RC1.

AirSnort, which is going to get way too much use shortly as wireless is becoming the 'next big thing'.

Portsentry, even though it has a tendancy to spam root with paranoia.

I don't have too much concern for security as I only run home LANs and MASQ boxes, so that's about the end of my list.



gui10 01-17-2002 11:36 PM

my apologies about my scathing remarks. there must have been a better way to put down what i meant to say... no wars of any kind intended.

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