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Mikesoft 11-09-2005 01:43 PM

Losing the linux in me :(
I have previously enjoyed linux but the fact is that it will never currently be able to be used like a proper OS that you can safely store your work, music and anything else you want on.

Mainly because of these following problems:

1) Is not stable, interfaces such as KDE and Gnome always have little problems now and again

2) Poor hardware support... My sound card , graphics card and internet card always have problems with linux

3) Hardly any software support. Admit it everyone, Microsoft Office is much better than openoffice currently, Almost NO up to date games can run well on linux, Photoshop and other professinal programs cannot run on linux

4) Hardly any real support. I can phone up Microsoft help and they can sort almost any problem out for me within 3 days. In linux you just have to search for a forum usually and cross you fingures.

I cannot think of any other points at the moment.

I don't wish for this to turn into a flaming topic as I do really love Linux but I am just a little frustrated with this linux thing. Why do people use linux and is their any evidence that Linux will improve on its hardware and game support?

At the moment I am using windows xp as it runs more effeciantly and is much easier to maintain compared to linux...

XavierP 11-09-2005 02:02 PM

1. I disagree - never had stability issues
2. This is the fault of the hardware manufacturers, not Linux
3. Use Wine/Cedega/Crossover. This is the fault of the game/software makers, not Linux
4. Well, this is where the freedom comes in. Call MS and pay money. Try a forum and join a community of people who will help you at no cost.

If you are unhappy with Linux, don't use it and come back at a later date.

Closed because it seems to be the season for these threads.

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