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eklavya 04-10-2013 02:00 AM

Linux PJ's - Not very funny
If you are a Linux Programmer and your name is ED.
Your children's name should be SED & GREP

If Your process has been completed with in your expected time. What can you say to terminal.
PS I Love You

Why if statement stops working every time,
You haven't given it a FI

What is the climax of Linux horror movie?
How to kill a ZOMBIE

Here in Linux, RUNNING is LIFE because if you are not running you are going to be killed.

How do you find the SHELL?
EXPLORE shores

drpt 04-16-2013 08:55 PM

Don't drink the bong water

dugan 04-16-2013 11:31 PM

I thought the "PJs" (an abbreviation I'm not familar with) were quite clever. Not funny, but clever.

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