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aizkorri 06-10-2005 04:21 AM

linux counter reminder
Well, today I've read an e-mail account that I had almost forgotten and I've seen a reminder from linux counter, May the 8th, "please log in at least once a year...".
Well, I've updated my linux counter account, just by logging in.

For those lazy people like me I post this reminder, If your are registered check if your account is up, you have to log in at least once a year. If your are not registered, do it, it takes less than five minutes and that way we can keep track of how many of us are in this world :).

the link:

trevelluk 06-10-2005 05:40 AM

Registering there is definitely something worth doing.

To make more people aware of it, why not put your number in your LQ signature, with a link to the site.. There's quite a few people here who do this, and this is how I became aware of the project.

aizkorri 06-10-2005 05:50 AM

now I've updated my sign

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