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jawahar_1980 08-03-2008 02:47 AM

like to from windows to linux-> which is best version of linux suitable for laptop
Dear friends!

I would like to buy an acer laptop which supports only LINUX CLI.

IS it possible to get free latest linux OS for this laptop (intel 2.0 ghz , 240 gb hdd, etc/.,) from internet?

If so ple explain me how and try to reply to my mail id

ronlau9 08-03-2008 03:19 AM

[QUOTE=jawahar_1980;3234925]Dear friends!

IS it possible to get free latest linux OS for this laptop (intel 2.0 ghz , 240 gb hdd, etc/.,) from internet?

Standard LInux distro are free.
There are a lot so called LIve Distro , so you can try it without writing
anything to you,re HD
Download some distros burn it as iso image file and find out with distros suit you best .
There is also a website with download links fore LIVE CD

ehawk 08-03-2008 03:29 AM

Yes, I would also suggest trying a live-evaluation CD of several different linux distributions and see which recognizes your hardware best and you like best, then install that one (is normally easy to do using an icon on the desktop).

You can refine your search of live-CDs by desired purpose here:

If you already have windows installed on it and wish to dual boot or replace windows entirely, you can use the unetbootin windows application

you download it in windows then open it like any application. It will allow you to do a net-installation of many popular linux distributions without needing an installation CD.

But the live evaluation route would be best to see which best supports your hardware.

please post again if you need more help or answers. We want to help you.

TITiAN 08-03-2008 04:56 AM


Originally Posted by jawahar_1980 (Post 3234925)

If so ple explain me how and try to reply to my mail id

why not here? he should get a notification mail...
please answer if you read what we replied (and if it helps), otherwise i will send an e-mail linking here.

seriously, you should use forums correctly (i'm not telling you to never use e-mails in forums, though)...

good luck with the tips mentioned, i couldn't explain it better

btw: you can download CDs and DVDs from this site that install linux (Main Menu -> Download Linux); I have never tried using any of these, though, but I can say that I do not recommend any distribution (=linux+other software) that you have to charge money for for using.

jawahar_1980 08-04-2008 12:58 AM

Friends! Thank you for your reply.
Dear friends!
This is the first time, am going to buy an ACER notebook PC which does not have windows but have only linux as OS, I don't which version or any name, only thing i can see is an COMMAND LINE EDITOR.

From this is it possible to connect to internet and then download new OS or any other add on programs like DESKTOP, WORD, EXCEL etc., AS in windows.

If pl. give me the links to follow or the procedure to do so. ONE IMPORTANT """" FROM WHICH LINUX OS IS IT POSSIBLE TO CONNECT TO INTERNET AND CHECK E-MAILS LIKE INTERNET EXPLORER? """""""


ehawk 08-04-2008 03:07 AM

If you boot from a live-evaluation CD, you can of course start a terminal session and use the command line. You can also use the included text editors, or edit from the command line using something like vi, if you wish, and you can use the included web browser to download other linux install images, or even unetbootin, as it can be run within linux also. You will probably have to use the desktop to select the hard drive and enable writing to the hard drive (normally it is just a right click or something like that to select the disk and change its permissions to include writing to the disk and/or mounting it. It is normally fairly intuitive, but you can also google to bring up specific directions how to do that if it is necessary. You will be able to view internet mail messages as soon as you boot from the live-evaluation CD, and use the OpenOffice packages to view Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Documents.

I gave a link to look at live-evaluation CDs. Popular ones that are beginner-friendly are Ubuntu, Fedora 9, Mandriva, SimplyMepis, PCLinuxOS, and OpenSuse. Any of them would do what I think you want.

svzard 08-04-2008 03:22 AM

acer with linux?
Ok, if I understand correctly you want to buy Acer laptop which has Linux pre-installed in it. Mostly for cost reasons as usually linux/freedos installed laptops are cheaper compared to the windows installed ones. And you don't know which distro acer installs, what is the version of it and details like that...

The earlier solutions hold. Either download from other system the liveCD distros (Ubuntu and Mandrive One are most easier to use I felt) or purchase the CD. It doesnot cost much. Usually its only the CD cost and the mail charges.

Are you from India? Then one Linux CD/DVD vendor I know is It has a very good service. There may be others also. Google and find for yourself.

When you boot from the LiveCD you login to GUI mode for regular use. You can use the system to access internet, mail, use word/excel kind of office applications etc. Good thing is that nothing is installed on the harddisk. You can test, if a particular distro suits your needs and if you are satisfied you can go for harddisk install. The installation document will be there in the liveCD itself. Or you can find help over internet. Your friends may also help you with it.

ehawk 08-04-2008 03:21 PM

Oh, I didn't understand that the linux OS would be pre-installed. If that is the case then no problem at all. Depending on which distribution is pre-installed, you will have all the apps you mentioned already. If the pre-installed distribution only has the command line, then still no problem. Just tell us which distribution it has when you get it, and we can tell you how to install all the software applications you mentioned.

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