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CragStar 10-28-2002 04:29 AM

Its that time of year again! Nominate
Doesn't time fly. They say that a year in computing is a long time, and hell the're right.

The UK Linux mag LinuxFormat (LXF) are starting the nominations for this years LXF awards. They have loads of catergories up for grabs, but the one I think that is interested in is Best Support Resource.

Last year we were fortunate to be nominated for the award (which was eventually one by either the Mandrake expert or the LDP) but this year I think we can go one better.

So if you feel that deserves a nomination, or you want to nominate in the other catergories of which there are quite a few, then pop on over to and follow the link to the nominations page.

Just remember that one project/website/program/person is never the god of a particular award (an obvious exception with jeremy :)), but that collectively they have formed an open source movement which we should all be in admiration for. So whilst could be against something like the LDP, all support resources (and any other open source initiative) should be seen as one and not competing against each other.

Still, it would be nice to win - so get nominating! ;)

unSpawn 10-28-2002 05:34 AM

Thnx for the reminder CragStar.

trickykid 10-28-2002 10:37 AM

Got my nominations in.

Thymox 10-28-2002 12:57 PM

And for anyone that corresponds with LXF, don't forget to blatently plug this site as a damn good resource! I don't know if it helps, but it couldn't have hurt having a blatent plug in my letter. If it gets printed, it can only do good.

Got my vote in already :D

NSKL 10-28-2002 03:17 PM

Got my nominations!

Mara 10-30-2002 12:17 PM

If I remember correctly that's how I'd read about LQ for the first time...

wonderpun 11-03-2002 05:41 AM

Yep, got my vote. Ohh, what coffee you voted for guys? :)

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