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DaFakaMatt 10-03-2009 04:25 AM

Issues with New system just purchased.
Hey all,
I have just purchased a system with a AMD Athlon Quad Core @ 2.60GHz, with 4GB of ram,

I have finished building the system, then I put the XP disk in for the first time and ran through the setup like you normally would. Then after that, I got blue screened. I thought it might be the disk say for example it might be scratched or what not. But its not the case, now when ever I try to boot from the XP disk, the computer just reboots itself over and over again. Has anyone had this issue before?


freerk 10-03-2009 06:22 AM

If it reboots, what is the last thing wich appears to the screen.
Can you pst what is on the bleu screen; does it tell you anything what migt be wrong?
Prabably what is given on MS website on Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Try to boot this HD on another machine.

J.W. 10-06-2009 03:58 PM

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thorkelljarl 10-06-2009 07:57 PM

What I needed...

I recently installed XP on a new laptop with an SATA HDD. If I wanted to use the HDD as SATA, with BIOS support, I needed to have XP install the correct AHCI driver before it would begin to install. I had the driver and found out how to slipstream it and make an XP installation CD with AHCI built in.

This may not be your problem, and you may not lack AHCI, but if the installation stops with a blue screen and a request for any drivers required to be loaded on a floppy, you may lack a driver of some sort, and XP will only accept a floppy from a built-in drive.

If you have to slipstream, the program to use is nLite, found on your nearest internet.

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