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abcde597 05-10-2013 06:20 AM

If Steven Spielberg does another movie on presidents...
Then who would he do it on? Who would play that particular president?
I say he'd do it on Obama.
I think Daniel Day Lewis would be an excellent Obama.
Morgan Freeman could play Joe Biden.


teckk 05-10-2013 04:57 PM

I think that they should get a radical America hating marxist, friend of terrorist, anti free American way of life, foreign dictator bowing, anti free enterprise, pro criminal, anti 1st and 2nd amendment, non native born, pro huge government, pro biq taxation, American taxpayer raised dopehead with hidden records to play Obama.

Maybe Bozo the clown for Biden if he is free.

Just about any lumberjack without any idea how to dress, that is also a hypocrite, and has a large rear end should do for Michelle.

Then a tax cheat could play Tim Geithner.

Someone who is hiding wealth offshore and not paying taxes on it could play Charlie Rangel.

Then the sycophant political action group media could play themselves and refuse to vet the candidate or even look into his background, and actively almost campaign for him.

Gosh, that would be a swell movie.

abcde597 05-10-2013 05:18 PM

Nice rant teckk. Take it all out. :P

dugan 05-10-2013 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by abcde597 (Post 4948767)
Nice rant teckk. Take it all out. :P

abcde597 05-10-2013 05:55 PM

Wow... Forums are for this sort of thing though. Just wow at that rant xD

teckk 05-11-2013 09:58 AM

Sorry, we're tired of what the politicians (on both sides) and a humanist religion have done to our country. We're tired of a disgraced political action group media choosing sides in elections, and being allowed to use the public airwaves to do it. We're also tired of a radical leftist group of people in California making revisionist history propaganda, and presenting it to the world as American history. I don't mind people having different political thought, that's healthy and good for a nation. But what we have right now is akin to Pravda in the old Soviet Union, and our cinema is akin to what Berlin had in the 1920's. The dirtiest on earth.

I wasn't trying to offend the members on this forum, but rather the politicians, the political-religious empire that they have created, and their media empire that they own. The are enabled by a primary school system which has been so dumbed down that there is scarcely any electorate that knows how to find Britain or Germany on a globe, let alone know anything of American or World history so as to not repeat the bad parts. This is not a criticism of the students somehow being stupid, but of the political-religious curriculum that they are being taught. The political-religious system I speak of is marxist humanism. It has failed everywhere it has ever been tried, but lets try it again.

The current President and staff are probably no worse-better than what we have had for decades. But we had a so called media, this time, that openly supported one candidate over the other, refused to look into his history, refused to report on his party, but were willing to make up stories on the opposition, because they wanted one side to win. They use the public airwaves at the peoples pleasure and it is outrageous that the public airwaves, that belong to the American people, have not been taken away from them and given to someone else that would better serve the citizenry. You want a revolution occupy wall street? How about a revolution demanding an entrenched media do it's job and tell the truth without bias and without trying to move the thinking of an entire nation towards their aims? Then the listener can make up his own mind.

If hollyweird made a movie about the current admin, I doubt if it would start by looking into where he was born, or him starting his political career in the living room of a terrorist, or him sitting in church for 20 years listening to an American hating pastor, or his never so much as running a kool aid stand before running for office, or him saying that he was a Muslim...err uhh no Christian...err no wait..

Ok I'll stop posting to these kind of threads. Not because a Mod has told me to, but out of respect for others. I come here for Linux, software, networking, scripting discussions after all.

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