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X-LFS-2010 07-05-2019 03:02 PM

i want to post my OS screenshot(s)

gimme the password, man

(the forum says i have no permission! how do i get blessed?)

I intend to add the comment (very little comment) that x-lfs-2010 was made to show that during a large time period where many admins discouraged users to (make their own LFS), distro admins created huge dependency headaches, X blank screens, and gigabyte releases, lack of full source and control. x-lfs-2010 shows by it's existence that ONE person could comfortably do what 100 distro admins had tried to prevent (custom LFS), and in doing so created many landmines that many major linux distros left for users to experience. Getting an OS or pushing a custom OS: it takes several K to do, not several G - and it's proven and automated. Telephone companies profited greatly from insuring patch(1) was not used and might have had a hand in it all, might naught.

x-lfs-2010, as an OS that supported running older unix "commercial linux" software (ie, Mathematica 4.0), x-lfs-2010 suggests that while in the 20teens that seemed a quite reasonable objective (it had been validated in the past: you upgrade kernel to get new hw support, expect your GNU OS likes it even better): it has turned out that hardware mfg have made doing so impractical or impossible (by lack of standards and linux co-operatoin; such as bogus vga support claims). Mojave and Win10 and pro software on them, despite their bloat, finally excel past older unix wares on the pedometer (not in all places - the bloat is bad so is the speed on those things: but across the board use, yes, there are recent (late 20teens) improvements to consider too which only took 30 years to surface - it's no wonder people got tired of waiting?)

Just several kilobytes of script can get and build from scratch a VERY stable modest linux OS with a web browser that does things like support real unix software well and run a graphics desktop that is stable (one that never worked right when released by "admin teams"). It's a fact. It's been done and it's image worldwide. It also is virtualized with usb boot.

That's what I'd like to say and show the code that proves it beyond a doubt. old wares support aside: exposing the un-truths told in forums (even flat out admin bullying) to newbies from the late 90's onward till xlfs and lfs arrive: was at least half of why x-lfs-2010 was completed.

It shows allot of things that happened during certain periods of "linux" were infact linux wars, unfortunately. And that "crazy" richard stallman's model (and excellent base work we all use - complicated gnu components), of compiling a whole unix and using patch? Could be done by 1 individual in some few months (that obviously had admins not been avoiding the GNU solution - it would be several people taking a month maybe to make a release, and little extra time after that). Stallman and predecessors I feel: were true unix not promoting themselves over others and not with any global takeover objectives.

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