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jomen 02-12-2010 03:41 PM

How to use the Windows-XP License Sticker - I've got NO CD - just the License-Sticker
Hi friends,

...this may be quite unusual - but then again - it it may not THAT unusual ...

I own a Sony Vajo "PCG FX 805".
Great Display - and the computing power was not that bad eighter a few years ago --> AMD Athlon 1600 something - mobile edition

The Laptop came with Windows XP of course.
And with a valid Windows license (sticker with product key on the back)
and with CD's - which I cannot find.
..but I don't know for what version of windows - I suppose it is the "Home"-Edition.

All the time I had it I have used it to run Linux - Gentoo, to be precise.

I DO have a (pirated - yes: shame on me and all ... ) copy using a volume license key - which is invalidated by now).

How can I go about to install the already paid for and valid copy of Windows XP once again on this machine - without the CD's?

Microsoft Hotlines have - until now - not proven <some degree of> helpful.
Can't even reach humans to speak to.

Why do I want that?

I want to sell it - and possible buyers kind of expect Windows preinstalled - the price will drop dramatically if that's not the case.

If I advertize it as "Gentoo already installed and running nice since ... forever..."
I'll get half the price, if I'm lucky ;)

Same thing with every other flavour of Linux BTW.

Maybe someone can help - while Microsoft seems to be unable to...

All the best to you!

pljvaldez 02-12-2010 03:52 PM

For most PC's you could just borrow (if you know a system builder) a standard OEM Windows XP install CD. Sometimes you can even use XP CD's for an HP/Toshiba/Dell with a Sony, as long as it's an actual OEM installer, not a "recovery" CD that just links to an image on the hard disk.

I've had problems in the past with drivers for Sony's (unless you can find them from the website) and have never successfully upgraded a Windows install from say 2000 to XP.

jomen 02-12-2010 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by pljvaldez (Post 3861897)
... (if you know a system builder) ...

unfortunately I do not know such people

I have a valid license - but no way to use it until now.

...yet another reason never to use their products - for me... - but it is not for me - it is for whomever wants to use this laptop under Windows after bying it from me.


jomen 02-12-2010 04:46 PM

your answer, however, may have lead a way:

...not to be confirmed until tomorrow, because I'm not in the condition to ... make it happen right now (simply too tired...)

I'll also be awaiting Microsoft's response to my inqiery.
(not by phone, it seems _THAT_ always has a computer only on the line - but maybe by email...)


jomen 02-13-2010 02:51 AM

They have a way to change the invalid key from the pirated copy I used to install for lack of the original install-cd.

Half an hour of reading, lots of warnings about piracy and a small download of a program called "KeyUpdateTool" from their site, which let me enter my valid license key.

Not everything is fine now, because my machine, which has only ever seen Linux, is now running a copy of Windows.
But at least a legal one.


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