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buttugly 07-18-2013 10:44 PM

how to expidite/bypass/circumvent a website contact form

This is my rep's page, everytime I write him, daily, I have to tab through, arrow down, hit enter, then tab etc....

Is there a way to save most of the info so I can get on with the issue? Name, rank, serial # etc....

I can do google fu, but I have no idea "what I want to do" is called....


TobiSGD 07-19-2013 05:28 AM

It would help to know which browser you use, but at least for Firefox (and I am sure for other browsers, too) plugins like Autofill Forms exist, maybe you should give that a try.

Janus_Hyperion 07-19-2013 11:13 AM

Lastpass can also fill out forms. This is pretty nice, secure add-on for Firefox and Chrome. By using this, you are not leaving your data in the open.

dugan 07-19-2013 11:27 AM

You can also curl.

buttugly 07-19-2013 09:17 PM

Firefox yes, my bad....

I'll go look at the options ya'll gave....


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