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rcerrillo 07-04-2004 07:52 AM

how could I optimize bittorrent?
I've recently installed Bittorrent and the newest Azureus binary on my friend's winXP system. He is on dialup and I 've followed a guide on about adding port 6881 on the network connections for bittorrent.

on a dialup connection that averages at around 28800-31200 bps, I must say that getting over 100kbps is very good, however there's this problem about discarded packets. He's currently downloading Slackware 10's ISOs and Azureus has been running for several hours now. In total, he's downloaded around 88mb of data, but 22 mb were discarded. Is there something I could do about the discards? It's just gets annoying that even though torrent gives us faster downloads, most just get discarded anyway... it seems that in the end, he still downloads at the same rate (if not a lot slower) than a regular http / ftp download. And yeah, that current download has a large swarm, many seeds and many peers.

I'm not a veteran with bittorrent though as I've only started recently too, so I don't have much idea on what else I should do.

Thanks for any help and tips you could provide

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