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albertvila 11-05-2013 06:20 AM

Hi! Is there a FOSS developer who would like to be interviewed?
Hello everybody

I've just created an account because I have to do an assignment for a course on free software at the University. At the assignment, we are required to do a short interview to 2 open source/free software contributors.

I wonder if somebody here will be happy to participate.

The questions are:

- What training/education do you have?

- In which free software projects do you currently contribute?

- Have you participated in other free software projects before?

- What motivates you to participate in open source projects?

- What influence has had your participation in this projects in your current work status?

- I have to interview 2 contributors: a man and a woman.
- It is not required that the contribution to the project involves coding: can be any kind of work (eg. accounting, writing documentation, translation...)

I can understand that some people may find this post intrusive, because it's asking private issues. Please bear with me: I wouldn't do this if I could.

If you don't want to answer a particular question but you are happy with the rest, it's OK.

Only the professor will read the answers (I will not make them public).

If you don't want to post the answers here, maybe a private message through LQ is the solution (I'm not 100% sure this is possible. If not, please propose a way so we can get in contact).

Feel free to ask any doubt

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