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Hitboxx 10-20-2006 09:44 AM

Happy DIWALI Guys!!
I don't know if any of you celebrate or even do care but i would like to wish all you guys A VERY HAPPY DIWALI, May the colors of the lights fill your lives with colors of happiness :)

XavierP 10-20-2006 10:21 AM

Don't celebrate it, but Happy Diwali to you and to all :)

vharishankar 10-20-2006 10:29 AM

Greetings to all of you as well.

And down south, we call it Deepavali, not Diwali ;)

~Phenom~ 10-20-2006 12:22 PM

Happy Deepavali to all of you.

sn68 10-20-2006 12:37 PM

:) A very happy & prosperous Dipawali to all :)

PatrickMay16 10-20-2006 01:24 PM

I don't know anything about it or celebrate it, but let's all have a great time.

Mara 10-20-2006 03:12 PM

Happy Diwali to all of you!

(and for those who don't know that holiday:

reddazz 10-20-2006 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by Mara
Happy Diwali to all of you!

(and for those who don't know that holiday:

Now that I know something about it, happy Diwali everyone. :)

Crito 10-20-2006 08:09 PM

Any excuse to light fireworks sounds like a good idea to me. ;) You think the cops 'll let me go if I explain to them it's just part of my Diwali celebration? Works on the Fourth of July anyway. Maybe I should try greeting them with a "happy diwali-day" as they get out of their cruisers... :D

Franklin 10-20-2006 08:22 PM


Known as the "Festival of Lights," it symbolises the victory of good over evil, and lamps are lit as a sign of celebration and hope for mankind
A worthy cause for celebration.

Here's to a world where our differences are honored, not feared.


alred 10-21-2006 12:55 PM

just let people celebrate and let people live after each of that ... no doubt that i personally are against all kinds of celebrations ...

//btw ... happy dipawali ...


dasy2k1 10-27-2006 09:54 AM

LOL our diwali lights (in leicester UK) have been up for ages, then after diwali they change all the diva signs to xmas trees! (we are very multicultuaral here)

we have too many fireworks at this time of year though...

first diwali, then nov 5th*, also Eid-al-Futr xmas, new year then chinease new year in FEB, all the dogs and cats are shell shocked by feb!

* for those of you who live in the USA nov 5th is our traditional celebration when we light bonfires and fireworks!

[edit] spellings fixed [/edit]

alred 10-27-2006 12:06 PM

exactly ...

what i meant was "//btw ... happy daily dipawali ..."


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