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teckk 05-28-2013 01:21 PM

Google plans 'wireless balloons' to spread the Internet

enine 05-29-2013 08:59 AM

I was looking at doing something similar. My parents are way out in the country and in a valley. Remember when UPS rad those TV ads where they will deliver anywhere in the world and had pictures of them with all different kinds of vehicles in many countries? My parents are so far back in the hills that UPS won't deliver to them, and my e-mail to them when they did so ask them about their false advertising.
Anyway they can only get a 26-34k dial up internet connection, or an expensive satellite that only works when there are no clouds. But on top of the mountain we get cellular signal fine. I was going to setup one of the cellular hotspots then send wifi down to their house but all the cellular companies have went away from unlimited plans so we have to be careful about overages.
So I can see for miles from the top of the mountain, just need someone else like this with wifi to point to.

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