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puppymagic 08-02-2012 04:16 PM

Galaxy Nexus questions
I notice none of the Nexus phones come with MicroSD slots. Why did Google decide not to have MicroSD for the Nexus lineup?

How do I use Swype?

thanks, experts @ Linux Questions!!

anomie 08-02-2012 04:46 PM

Not sure about the MicroSD support, but I agree - that would be a great feature.

AFAIK, most of the keyboard swipe applications are paid- or trial-to-paid- apps that you can get from Google Play. Maybe some phone manufacturors include them as part of the bundle.

And a quick 'net search turned up:

MS3FGX 08-02-2012 04:48 PM

Trying to manage the differences between external and internal storage is difficult for the consumer as well as the OS running on the hardware. You get into awkward situations like having your internal storage full with applications that don't work properly on external, or having applications stop working when you connect the phone up as a USB mass storage device because Android can't access the card when in storage mode. Plus, if you have a removable card it needs to be FAT32 for compatibility (users will certainly at some point try to put it in their PC card reader), while if you use internal storage you can use the superior Linux filesystems.

I do miss having a removable card when doing backups on my phone or managing pictures I've taken, but having one continuous filesystem that all of my apps are able to access and not being stuck with FAT32 is quite a benefit.

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