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Slack_Master 02-14-2003 11:14 AM

Food For Thought

Here's another site that was great at one time (before taken over by I just got this in my email, and maybe it explains a bit of the JL thing. "Goodies To Go" was not a forum site, btw.
Dear HTML Goodies to Go Subscriber,

You are receiving this e-mail from HTML Goodies to Go and as part of your subscription to HTML Goodies to Go

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Our Commerce Partner Program has partners in a wide variety
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Jupitermedia's Network comprised of and
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With over 150 award-winning Web sites generating 20 million unique
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For more information about becoming a Commerce Partner, please
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David Arganbright
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Darien, CT 06820

tcaptain 02-14-2003 11:36 AM

Maybe I'm a bit dense, but how does this explain the JL thing beyond the management's claim that it was a resource/money issue?

Unless its more focused marketting?

Slack_Master 02-14-2003 11:50 AM


Originally posted by tcaptain
Maybe I'm a bit dense, but how does this explain the JL thing beyond the management's claim that it was a resource/money issue?

Unless its more focused marketting?

That's exactly the seems as if their gearing all their sites towards corporate interests.

HTML Goodies to Go used to be owned by some college professor, and it was a great site...a couple of years ago. It was a place where the average "schmo" could go and learn how to make a decent website, and had plenty of extras. Now, it seems as if it's geared toward commercial web design, etc.

tcaptain 02-14-2003 12:04 PM

I see...
Hmmm...I wonder if its a move towards a pay-to-surf pay access to the knowledge base in the future...

If you think about it its a sweet deal...forgive the slashdotism that follows:

1. Run a free help forum on a subject
2. Build a community
3. Let posts/threads build up, creating a big technical knowledgebase with many problems and solutions.
4. Chase off the users and/or close the site.
5. Offer gathered knowledge for money to corporate customers.
6. Profit!

I probably have too much conspiracy on the brain...never mind me :)

MasterC 02-14-2003 12:30 PM

Nah, it's a decent idea for business, but sucks for the people who really make a difference. However, as long as google and the likes are free, and there are people like us who will offer our acquired knowledge for free, that won't be nearly as big of a hit as it could be. :)


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