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qwijibow 11-24-2004 02:08 PM

Film: the grudge SUCKS !
In the good old days, they only spend money hyping up gooood films. so if a film was advertised on tv and busses... you knew it was gonna be atleast entertaining.
i didnt like matrix 2 or 3 much... but it was okay... a little over hyped.. but anyways.

so.. the point... in the old days.. crap film = not much money to waste on advertiseing.
but now it seems crap film + spend money on advertiseing = profit + pissed off customers

so.. before you read on.. im gonna spoil the film, so if u dont want to know. and you actually want to see it, dont read on..
but the film is so sh1t that you might aswell read on anyways..

so.. the whole point of the film, is if some1 dies in extreme violent situation, or atleast extremely emotional, then a curse is born... and lives in that place, reliving and re-enacting the death scene. and becoming fixated on the living who intrude.

which is a good idea.. they COULD have made a reeeealy good horror film from that..

but what did they do... well. the extremely violent death was a rather lame husband finding his wife's diary.. and she's (secretly) inlove with some other guy, even the other guy dont know she likes him. The husband gets jealous and drowns the cat.... ( presumably kills the wife and child, but no mention on HOW he does so) then hangs himself...

pretty tame for a horror right ?

so.. buffy the vampire slayer works at a social servies type thing and is sent to the haunted house ot look after an old insane woman.
and a load of other people wonder round the house for no real reason...

loads of times the horror type scary music comes on, and you hear scrathing.. then BOOOOM.. anti climax.. its the cat... (ohh at the end you discover the cat is the dead cat... but all it does it radomly scratch doors)

so.. blah blah blah... some woman who went in the house phone keeps ringing.. and all she hears is croaking like some frog learned how to use a phone..

then the ghosts follow people who entered the house.. then apear from the shadows... moving very slowly towards the vitim... just croaking....
then when the ghost gets reeealy close to the victim... the camera zooms in to the ghosts face.... and a load shriek noise plays...

then what !!! ? did the ghost head but the victim ??? is the victim dead or alive ? what.. whats the point ?

then the big ending.. buffy does to identify the dead body of her boyfriend... the's about to uncover the sheet... and the ghost is stood behind her... making a croaking sound... then, there's anouther radpid ZOOOOOM abd an annoying sound... end of film....

ghosts that crawl up you leg making annoying noises is NOT scary !
and i want to know what the ghost does.. does it kill them ? if so how....and whats with all the zooming... is it meant to be a headbut witnessed in first person ? if so... who's headbutting who ?

this film is the biggest waste of time and money since non-alcoholic beer was invented !

Capt_Caveman 11-24-2004 02:19 PM

Anyone see the original version that this was remade from: "Ju-on". I'd be interested to hear how they compare and similarly "The Ring" vs "Ringu". I know I had to change my drawers every time the phone rang after watching The Ring.

qwijibow 11-24-2004 02:22 PM

I liked the Oringal "Ring" (with subtitles) but i liked the re-make a little more.
the story line was virtually identicle.. i few extra parts (the whole light house scene) were added.

but the extra special effects, and added plot made it better i think..

shmonkey 11-26-2004 07:22 AM

Couldn't agree more. Saw it last Sunday - what a load of crap.


XavierP 11-26-2004 01:03 PM


Originally posted by qwijibow
ghosts that crawl up you leg making annoying noises is NOT scary !
Well you've obviously never had it happen to you! :) I had the ghost of Charlie Chaplin up my leg once, gave me a good and proper scare.

baldy3105 11-30-2004 06:46 AM

Hey! don't you have a go at Sarah, you're talking about the woman I love chum! ;)

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