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stf92 12-30-2012 05:45 PM

Filenames with accents disturb cp.

mkisofs -graft-points -rational-rock -joliet -joliet-long -full-iso9660-filenames -iso-level 2 -o /tmp/image.iso  STORE1/=/almacen/strauss
In /almacen/strauss there are filenames containing not only spaces but accented characters as well. I burned the image to DVD, with the result that all spaces and accents were conserved. This seems to contradict use of the option -full-iso9660-filenames as well as -iso-level 2, and has an undesirable side effect, as will be seen.

I now copy the DVD to the hard disk, and if the current directory is in an NTFS partition, I get

$ cp -r /mnt/cd0/STORE1 .
cp: cannot create regular file 'some_file_name': Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character.

for those filenames that contain an accent.

Any way to avoid this cp error?

Slackware 14.0

kbp 01-07-2013 07:28 PM

The '-joliet' argument is probably why the files are copied successfully, in regard to the issue with NTFS you may need to look at the output character set but that's just a guess.

stf92 01-07-2013 09:07 PM

Thanks, it seemed to me that command line (mkisofs) had some contradictions. I'll will have to amend it in the future. But there is a trouble. Not using -joliet-long can clip some very long *_files directory names, and the corresponding .html would never locate the *_files directory. It seems the only solution is renaming when in the Save As dialog box. Or else editing the .html file, a bit bothersome. Don't understand how this being such a common situation it has not a common solution.

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