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sayhello_to_the_world 02-10-2014 05:48 PM

fetching customer-reviews through AWS:product-feeds - doable ?
hello and good day,

well i am pretty new to Amazon Web servicexs

i run joomla-website and i am interested in using some featurerich web-services-plugin

besides Joomla-CMS wordpress also offers powerful features

One question regarding the Amazon-Web-Services-Features: and the according TOS:

are web-developers able to create a plugin for websites that pull (or let me say fetch) the reviews from ?

in other words: are we able to fetch the customer-reviews - in order to Display the Product Customer Reviews in my Blog Content
- Are user / webmasters able to to add Amazon's product customer reviews to their blog's content through the integrated and
Amazon Product post display option.

short: Are we able to turn any blog content into a product review, Instantly!

By the way: i assume that the AWS-TOS is not allowing this - but i have seen examples that do just this: see the example
that runs with i-frame:

Well i guess that if someone uses i-frame one can do the integration (fetching) of the Product-Feeds then this is allowed
this does not infringe the TOS.


joomla-version - mit reviewS:


love to hear from you


redd9 03-20-2014 08:22 PM

No, I see no reason why that would be against the TOS.

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