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MFQ 06-30-2019 03:38 AM

Failed object error
I want to use custom MIB
following Tutorial in (TUT:Using and loading MIBS)

i add my MIB step by step, But when I entered the snmptranslate command, I encountered an error:

snmptranslate -On LJ102::hrPrinterStatus.0
Cannot find module (LJ102): At line 0 in (none)
LJ102::hrPrinterStatus.0: Unknown Object Identifier
I thought that it might be from community string, so I added this line to snmpd.conf:
rwcommunity private .1

but still, get the same error.
note: I use centOS6

what is wrong?

thanks in advance

padeen 07-02-2019 05:59 AM

That tutorial must have been deleted as it's not there anymore. Was it accurate? Is it ok to drop the leading dot with snmpget?

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