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jeremy 11-04-2000 12:54 PM

Here is a list of the top 500. Number 1 is a 8192 processor giant from IBM.

Larry James 11-06-2000 09:43 AM

Hi, Jeremy. Thanks for this, as well as all the nice tidbits you provide. It's interesting to see where the giant computers are located, owned, and the manufactorers. Before reading this article I thought the mainframes were virtually dominated by Cray. I was surprised to see they are not on the top of the list.

By the way, I noticed by my last post that the "newbie" status is upgraded. It's a coincident that the magical post was one where I was a helper rather than a helpee, as I so often am over here.

Thanks for the system availability and resources.

-- L. James

jeremy 11-06-2000 10:07 AM

Yeah the CRAY's do not have the strong hold that they used to. The highest one was #10. You are automagically upgraded from a newbie to a member after you have 30 posts. There are other titles to aspire to also. Congratulations, I believe you are the 4th one to be upgraded to member status.

BTW I would like to take this time to thank Larry as he is currently the one who provides the bandwidth that makes this site possible!

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