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Hard2boot 03-29-2005 09:24 PM

Does anybody know how to daisy
i want to daisy chain some motherboards together. has anybody tried this before? thanks in advance...

AlexV 03-29-2005 09:33 PM

Hmm... I've never heard of such a thing being done. What exactly are you trying to do? A quick Google didn't turn up anything on the subject :confused:

Hard2boot 03-29-2005 09:38 PM

i like to tinker and have a few old motherboards i would like to put to good use... i have heard of connecting ps2's together to render graphics and of something called beowolf....

AlexV 03-29-2005 09:49 PM

Ohhh, Ok. Now I know what you mean. I think your talking about clustering. Check out some of these links:

openMosix, an Open Source Linux Cluster Project
OSCAR : Open Source Cluster Application Resources
The OSCAR Revolution | Linux Journal

I've never done any of this myself, but I hope it helps!
Good Luck :)

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