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Xeratul 09-24-2016 11:28 AM

Do US cops have any good reasons to be violent and brutal?

It is unfortunate to see sometimes some crazy behaviors of loose of temper of US policemen.

Well, just get arrested for anything, and you will see how US cops talk to you. They definitely lack of respects, and they look very dangerous. Maybe they have a difficult jobs, tired of stress and live threatening all the time.

Maybe if weapons would be prohibited and US would increase the number of cops (good ones) over population density ratio, this would solve the problem.

In no danger reasons, US gov should not let violences happen.

Here another sad example:

Hope for a better world.

DavidMcCann 09-24-2016 11:49 AM

From a British point of view, our small number of armed police will obviously have far more training and psychological testing. But presumably police in, say, France, where they are all armed, are in the same situation as the US ones?

I think the first problem is that the USA is a far more dangerous place, and so the police have to be prepared for that. When a country is awash with guns and has a very high rate of gun crime, it would be suicide for the police to take chances.

Secondly, there is a greater tradition of violence in the USA. The same culture that produces the civilians who shoot produces police who shoot. I also get the impression of a lower level of civility and mutual respect in US society, more emphasis on asserting personal rights.

Thirdly, there is the lack of regulation and the level of amateurishness. With a national force in France and large regional forces in England, regulation and training will naturally be better than in the small local forces scattered around the USA. And when something does go wrong, they usually investigate themselves!

cousinlucky 09-24-2016 02:14 PM

Earlier this week, at an ATM machine, I met a 84 year old retired New York City police officer and we talked to each other for a couple of hours! The question posed by this thread should make readers think about human nature and what it is that makes people want to become police officers, or public servants, in the first place!! If the concept of " control freaks " is alien to you than you will not understand just what drives most " public servants " in whatever governmental position that they seek or hold!! The presence of so many video devises nowadays is highlighting " the shoot first mentality " within most United States police departments!! When I was growing up the police were strong men with strong characters that interacted with the people in the neighborhoods that they served within; that does not happen anymore so the cop in the patrol car does not know the good people from the bad people in the neighborhood!! The " rookie cops " are always sent to the worst neighborhoods due to union rules so these cops are nervous, if not petrified!! As sad as it is for innocent people to be gunned down by trigger happy police officers it is just natural human nature for this to keep on happening because our politicians are in public denial about the true status of our society!! White collar criminals get off with fines no matter how many lives they have destroyed!! Thugs that rob old people get off with slaps on the wrist!! The police risk their lives arresting criminals and the court systems hardly sentences anyone to an apt criminal jail sentence!! So it is human nature for the cop to not only arrest, but severely punish anyone, that they deem it necessary to!! Like most people I love the country that I was born into but I do not have any control, nor any hearsay, about the chaos and havoc that is happening everywhere throughout this country!! It seems like lunacy and violence are liable to happen anywhere and at any time!!

rokytnji 09-24-2016 02:44 PM

Watch the video in the lower r/h corner.

This is being done in a war zone section in the USA. It is not like folks are not trying.
Put yourself in a crowd pointing cell phones at you and yelling plus threatening. Outnumbered.

Some folks should not be allowed to be cops. This is a human nature thing experienced in all countries.

To all the over the pond folks who are glad they do not live in the USA. I feel just as glad as them. That I am here. Not there standing next to them. I am glad my parents ran from Europe to make sure I had a better life.

I bet if you get rousted by a cop in the EU. Depending where you are at. Nothing will be heard about it.
I have read on other forums on bikers who have travelled from the states. Things are not all peaches and cream
in the EU either.


So funny thing: I was outside with my bike... And no one wanted money or needed papers signed. What a crazy feeling.
Something I do not go through when I travel through the USA.

Emerson 09-24-2016 03:07 PM

Some members here are victims of propaganda. BLM propaganda, and for some reason it is strongly supported by European journalism.

Lets look at facts.

Recently a suspect tried run away and was fatally shot by police as a result.

^^ If this happened in the US BLM and eurojornalism would make loud noise and we would have looting and riots.

But ... since it happened in France - the cops were praised!

Poor US cops even have no right to shoot at fleeing suspects!

BLM is a racist organisation, supported and encouraged by Obama administration. People who get shot are disobeying police orders, even attacking police officers. If BLM really cared about peoples lives they would teach them not to confront cops with force and obey their orders - that's all what is needed to save lives!

metadata 09-24-2016 04:18 PM

I'm not a cop and so I cannot really explain why US cops are violent. All we can do is visualize what a cop goes through on a daily basis which is far different from experiencing it yourself if you're a cop.

So when a US cop tells you to get on the ground, you better do it right away and fast because they're trigger happy and afraid of you hurting them. Then again, if the person has mental issues or is under the influence of drugs, then that is another story.

I'm pretty sure these cops got training on non-lethal ways of dealing with these kinds of situations then just shoot and kill. From the news and headlines we have seen lately, I guess these US cops have chosen the later.

Emerson 09-24-2016 04:38 PM

^^ See that? Cops are not trigger happy, they want to go home in one piece after their workday. There are too many people here in the US who have serious problem with any authority, you can believe me, I have seen Europe and I have seen US. Stop believing eurojournalism!

metadata 09-24-2016 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by Emerson (Post 5609654)
^^ See that? Cops are not trigger happy, they want to go home in one piece after their workday. There are too many people here in the US who have serious problem with any authority, you can believe me, I have seen Europe and I have seen US. Stop believing eurojournalism!

Trigger happy is a figure of speech. But, if a person is unarmed there are non-lethal ways cops can utilize to handle situations where a person is not obeying authority. They can use tranquilizer darts, rubber bullets, a taser gun that shoots those long electros, or a shot in the leg. But not shoot to kill.

Emerson 09-24-2016 05:19 PM

Right. You know what, someone like you was given a chance to prove his words. He was given an unloaded gun and told there is a possibly armed suspect. He pulled the trigger every time, regardless what the suspect pulled out of his pocket. And this was in daylight.
In short, you won't be shot at if you do what you are told to do. Period.

cousinlucky 09-24-2016 05:49 PM

Unfortunately this topic, like abortion, has its hard liners who are steadfastly adamant about their positions always being right!! I remember long ago I came home and the house that I had been living in had been broken into. I called the police to report it and I waited on the front steps for the police to arrive!! A police car pulled up and the cop in the passenger seat jumped out of the car and took a shot at me. He missed, thankfully, and I dove behind the porch wall screaming that I was the one that called!! The police officer that was driving took my information to file a report and told me his name so I could report what was missing. The officer that shot at me never said a word to me; he just glared till they left!! A little while later I moved from that neighborhood to a place where the police were not so trigger happy!! Everyone is entitled to speculate about anything, but unless it happens to you; all it is, is speculation!!

Emerson 09-24-2016 06:03 PM

Very true.

Edit: That cap was intoxicated, you should have reported this incident.

frankbell 09-24-2016 07:27 PM

I believe that several factors are in play here, and I predict that a lot of you will not like what I have to say.

One factor is the militarization of the police. The Economist has a good article about how that happened:

Another is police training that casts the police as occupiers, not as helpers.

Yet another is America's ammosexuality. A certain percentage of our citizenry thinks that happiness is a warm gun and that life is a John Wayne movie with themselves cast as the stars (when, in reality, they are more likely Barney Fifes). These folks will not be happy until every city is Dodge City and every hill is Boot Hill.

The most important one, though, and the one most (white) Americans are unwilling to admit, let alone address, is that the United States is a deeply racist society. Slavery was its original sin, and it casts its shadow on us still.

Many of the overt manifestations of racism--the ones that I grew up with in the Jim Crow South--have been removed from public view, but the covert ones are still there. Indeed, the antics of one of our Presidential candidates has empowered the covert to become more overt (I'm not going to provide any links, but it won't take you much of a web search to find examples; you might start with "David Duke").

To believe that police forces (which, in the U. S., can trace their lineage in part to slave patrols), as individuals or as organizations, are somehow immune from this heritage is to live in a fantasy world.

Emerson 09-24-2016 07:49 PM

The pendulum is swinging the other way. Racism is here, perhaps. Only this time this is white people who are discriminated. Obama made black people believe they are privileged now because of what happened in past. And some of them behave accordingly. I quit a job because I was not allowed to write up black employees any more, HR manager put a veto on every single attempt. She is black, BTW. I have more examples, but I do not think we need them.

cousinlucky 09-24-2016 08:04 PM

Although I wish no ill to anyone there are far too many people within these United States that are looking for any reason at all to get violent over someones skin color!! Perhaps all minorities will be wiped out during the next 4 years of turmoil and chaos!! As I have said before, it does not matter who wins the presidential election this November our country is going to be in very deep trouble!!

cousinlucky 09-24-2016 08:20 PM

Next time someone says “do what the police tell you, and you will not be hurt,” show them this video.

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