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szboardstretcher 11-06-2013 01:45 PM

CryptoLocker variant
One of our PC's just displayed the red flag of the CryptoLocker ransom-ware. To say the least we were terrified, because of shared drives and the like.

But we lucked out. This is a "CryptoLocker-lookalike" and not the real thing.

After unplugging the PC from the network and forensics had been completed, we surmised that it didn't encrypt any files local or remote, and for some reason the countdown started at 62.5 hours.

It seems to be a scare tactic to cash in on the CryptoLocker scare.

Ztcoracat 11-06-2013 04:22 PM

Glad that everything is ok with your system and it wasn't the real thing-

I had a issue of the same resemblance to yours a few weeks ago-

It was the FBI Virus. Insisting that I pay a fee and a few other details I have forgotten since.
My system is fine and I didn't find any files corrupt--

Agreed; it is a scare tactic of some sort-

One of our Guru's: Jefro just posted an article about this:-

I think a public key is needed to infect and w/o it I don't think security is so easily breached.
Someone would have to be well rounded in decryption among other nasty skills to get in-

Correctly encrypting the files on a computer is a safe form of protection, because the process does not depend on the integrity of the operating system after the encryption takes place.

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