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Maligree 08-11-2008 12:16 PM

Copying a phpbb3 forum contents to a different forum; no admin access on source forum
Hey all,

This is a quick outline of the problem I'm facing:

Forum A (actually it's a private subforum, not public) - regular user access (i.e. non-admin), no access to database.
Forum B - created by me (I'm the admin)

Now, A contains a few important threads I'd like to copy over to B.

Goal:Copy those threads over to my forum.

In theory, this is doable. In practice, it's doable but (at least from what I know right now) very tedious.

Problem #1: Do I have to copy the contents of the threads/posts from A manually? Or does a tool exist somewhere out there which would make a copy of all the threads (whole forum structure) in there and save dump it into, say, a text file?
Problem #2: Can the admin of a phpbb3 forum create posts under a different, registered to somebody else, account? (since involving* 50~ people in moving the forum's contents to a different one would be quite a hassle). Other than directly altering the SQL database, of course (I could do that, but it sure feels like a waste of time)

* - the way I see it, they would have to create threads and reply to them in the exact same order as on forum A, I'd have to edit them all, pasting in the original message.

That would be all, this isn't insanely important, but I found these problems pretty interesting.. hence I'm hoping for some minor brainstorming. :)

Thanks in advance, for any input at all.

Maligree 08-11-2008 12:45 PM

Huhm, am I right to think that storing posts' text in BLOBs complicates this even further, to the extent of this being so time consuming it's just not worth it?

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