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HadesThunder 05-14-2004 07:52 PM

Contacting Bill Gates
"The Following is an Avatar"

{0.59 a min initiated connection initiated]
I am having trouble with my computers web browser to work"
"What exactly is the problem?"
I can not load a new web page
"Have you checked that your cables are fully inserted"
"What type pf connection are you using"?
"let me chech that up"
"type ip cfg and tell me the results"
Can I speak to your boss instead ad you obviously know less than I.
"He is busy at the moment sir, may I take your telephone number"
No. Can I have his extension number please
"Okay it is 893 gtt"________
Can you put mw through to 893 gtt. "That is not a valid extension sir""who was the last person you spoke to who gave you this extension? It is not coming up on out records sir.
That call cost approx 2.50. What a joke

witeshark 05-14-2004 09:20 PM

What good would it do to talk with him? He doesn't know anything about the original OS he bought and the what the coders he hired have done since just because he's chief software achitect :p

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