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jefro 01-15-2013 05:47 PM

Confusion about email
I went wild and forgot my passwords. On my email account I had placed a bunch of keywords to block emails. I thought they were most of the "dirty" words. When I tried to reset my LQ password I would get the first email with link to reset password but not the next one with a password in it. Only when I deleted the filters for bad words did the password get past. I mean they were pu$^y, d)^k, viagra, t1t, (sex acts) and such.

Could there have been some accidental word somehow in the second emails or some oddity of translation or such? Could the filter be taking like or similar words as in a fuzzy choice?

Just wondering, drove me nuts for an hour or two.

jefro 01-15-2013 07:54 PM

Gosh, what a goof I am. I had blocked the word ass and never thought it would block password.

chrism01 01-21-2013 01:24 AM

Now that's a classic :) :)

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