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tommytomato 07-12-2013 07:13 PM

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hi all

I work at a PC store, taking in customers jobs and so on

We are in need of a CMS site, we are planing to run it on our Linux box using PHP and MySQL
right now we are using Windows Server 2010 and above to host a job platform for customers details, the software in question is SharePoint, it keeps crashing and were just about over the whole deal of SharePoint.

Wanted to know if any one knows of a good CMS that will allow us to add in our own fields etc etc for adding in jobs, details and so on.

I've seen ticket boards but that not quiet what we are after, thought I would ask before we decide to built our own

here's a pic to what the SharePoint looks like when adding in details

cheers TT

Kustom42 07-12-2013 07:25 PM

Wordpress, drupal, joomla, the list goes on and on. They all have their pros and cons but all can get the job done for you. My advice is to find one that you like the look and feel of.

And also, more important than anything else with open source CMS apps, set up a weekly backup plan, make sure you dump your mysql database to a text file once a week and back that up as well. And either subscribe to the CMS site so you get emails of the updates or monitor them closely.

Since these are free and open source the code is available to everyone and these applications are by far one of the most vulnerable to compromises if you do not keep up to date, on the opposite side of things the compromises are usually fixed very quickly after being discovered and an update is put out, so make sure you stay up to date.

I couldnt even tell you how many people I spoke to where some 12 year old kid found a script on google and compromised their site because they were out of date and because they had no backup plan had to basically start their site from scratch. Don't let the 12 year old script-kiddie win...

Kustom42 07-12-2013 07:29 PM

Wait after re-reading your post you want what is commonly referred to as a CRM, not a CMS. Even though the CMS term could be correct but thats what happens when you deal with abbreviations.

Here is a slightly outdated list of FOSS CRM tools but I imagine one should fit your needs:

If you really need an all in one solution including ticket tracking I liked "iTop" which does allow for custom field creation, although you will need a very skilled PHP/MySQL programmer for that level of customization with it(it provides documentation).

tommytomato 07-13-2013 06:49 AM

cheers for the help guys

the job board we use has not access to the out side. unless we grant it by using our smooth wall.

I'll take a look at the list and also pass it onto my brother to take a look


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