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bobbybearbbs 03-18-2012 05:04 PM

CCTV has no picture..........
Hi Y'all.. I have an Asenware 4 ch DVR that has a Linux OS.
I used it once & it worked perfect. After trying to load the files from the HD to a USB jump drive, the system does not show a picture from the cams or from playback. The only thing that comes on screen is the menu options & the QUAD screen with no picture feed from the cams.
Tried troubleshooting it with the MFG, but there in China and it takes weeks to ask one question... RRRRRRR !!
If anyone knows the system and can enlighten Me as how to deal with this, please feel free.LOL.. Other forums say to look for an eject button on the software running. I saw nothing in the menus..

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