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Hasan5599 03-07-2014 05:34 AM

can anyone tell me?????
hey guys...................

can you tell me what is the name of the oparatin system which is used the bad guys in the
HOLLYWOOD FILM (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD 4). I know this is an old film about computer science
but last night i have seen it . i am very impressed to see THOMAS GABROL'S used oparating


yooy 03-07-2014 05:50 AM

can you post a picture?
please use more informative thread title..

rtmistler 03-07-2014 08:40 AM

Live Free or Die Hard was about computers and not Bruce Willis shooting people?!?

Bear in mind OP that it was a movie and they can do anything they want; for instance if they thought it would look cool to have some animated screen saver or show high tech screens in any form they chose, then they just do that and they don't worry about the OS.

As yooy said, you might want to post a screen shot related to what you're asking.

Habitual 03-07-2014 09:55 AM

a fictional one to be sure.

jamison20000e 03-07-2014 11:03 AM

Don't think these will work:
but I kinda want to watch Die Hard's series now. Sure your not in marketing? :D

enorbet 03-07-2014 06:48 PM

While it is true movies often show fictional software (some REALLY laughable) The Matrix featured Linux. Trinity can clearly be seen using "nmap" to hack into The Matrix... but then she's hardcore smexy like that. :P

jpollard 03-08-2014 12:32 AM


Originally Posted by jamison20000e (Post 5130586)
Don't think these will work:
but I kinda want to watch Die Hard's series now. Sure your not in marketing? :D

The menu in the second image looks like either Motif or possibly CDE.

jamison20000e 03-08-2014 10:55 AM

Yes, definitely looks like those skins but I think the OP is talking about another? I wont have time to watch that movie too soon. And:
:) ...

John VV 03-08-2014 03:37 PM

from the tiny images
it could be any theme that is dark with a blue outline and letters

the studios do NOT use or make WORKING graphics

they are only a video that the actors mimic to use

Hasan5599 03-08-2014 11:14 PM

can anyone tell me?????
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hey helpful guys thanks of all for your kind & informative reply
yoyo wanted a picture now i am posting it...... this snap is taken in KM PLAYER. SO SEE AT THE MIDDLE POINT OF SCREEN.....

jamison20000e 03-09-2014 12:00 AM

Basically most Linuces can do that... microcoughed-winblow$ think ma¢$ too have one window manager, Linux has many++, windoze you can pay for some skins++ and tweaks even occasionally find free insecure ones, Linux comes with unlimited options and free licensing to change anything!

d0gg1e 03-14-2014 12:43 AM

Someone answered on Yahoo Questions repeated what is here; that it is most likely not a real OS. But they did give links to skins for Gnome and KDE to make it look like the OS used in the movie.

The answer can be seen at:

And the skins can be found at:


Neither of the skins have been updated since 2007 so no guarantees that they are of any use - unless you want to improve them maybe.

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