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bob_man_uk 04-20-2004 11:29 AM

building l;inux from a script in windows
Ok heres the deal I have windows pcs I want to turn into thin client pcs, I have thinstation, but, I dont have a linux box or the time to download it so is there a way to build the linux version from windows using a script that comes with the tar.gz or is there some emulator that will let me run scripts.

thanks for all your help.

matty G

qwijibow 04-20-2004 05:21 PM

not a chance in h3ll !!!!!!!!

anyway..... it would probably be quicker downloading a distro than compiling LFS.
plus, when LFS is finished.. (took me 2 solid days, which is enough time to download half a linux distro) all you have is a bootable disk with a compiler on it.

then you have to follow anouther book called BLFS (beyond LFS) which helps you compile XFree86. and a windowing manager.... and then you need alll the networking stuff....

either download a linux distro or buy one.
i paid 10 for Redhat9 which was deliverd to my house 3 days after ordering.

then i used redhat 9 to download knoppix (live linux distro. only 1 cd)
and fedora core 1. (3 disk distro)

and i only have a 56k dial up connection.

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