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Seph64 03-28-2003 02:45 AM

Boy, am I the lazy one; even in Linux!
I do alot of configuring of my Linux system within a terminal emulator, which requires lots of typing. And I get sick of it every now and then.

If there is a way to extract a file within the terminal emulator without actually typing the full name, I will do that (e.g. tar xvzf install_insanely_long_file_name.tar.gz would because tar xvzf install*.tar.gz).

Then there are those times where I am too lazy to find a solution for a problem.

Such as the horrible looking fonts in Mozilla 1.3 in Slackware 9.0 (Fonts are too freaking big!). Instead of trying to find a solution for it, I just installed an older version of Mozilla (which did fix the font problem).

Anyone like me in Linux?

mcleodnine 03-28-2003 03:02 AM

Instead of the install* have you tried using the <tab> key to autocomplete the filename of whatever you started typing? It's become so much of an addiction that I really miss it in those other OS'es.

schatoor 03-28-2003 03:06 AM

He bud, ye I am lazy as hell!! But you can hardly afford to in linux. But there is a solution for typing long file names in the terminal. you do know that if you press tab you can complete your command. For instance, if you have a file "my_file_with_a_long_name" and you want to edit that, you could just do : "user@linux> vim my_f" and press tab. If you have no other file in that directory beginning with "my_f", it will complete the command for you.
If you press tab twice, you will see all the options you have. For instance

chatoor:~/tustuff/comphy/opg4 $ ls
makefile* opg1* pract.pdf prog1.f90 work.pc work.pcl

chatoor:~/tustuff/comphy/opg4 $ ls work.pc <-- press 2x tab here
work.pc work.pcl <- see you options here

chatoor:~/tustuff/comphy/opg4 $ ls work.pc

Do you understand? Or did you already know that?

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