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WiseDraco 02-12-2013 05:10 AM

Astronomy topic
Due to this:
i make that topic.
I think, it may be good thing to make a "social group" for astronomers, but on other hand -that groups were seems to "hidden", not expose and easy seen to anyone, as so, it be known to small numbers of people.

I think, in that topic we also may put short description about our hobby.
P.S. sorry for my bad english, its not my native

I myself from early years interesting in read science fiction - those Asimov, Heinlein, Harrison, Mikhailov, and anothers - mostly in russian, because in my native language sci-fi assortiment be very small ( and now its be even smaller, than in soviet union times).
That tales interesting me with new, distant words, cosmos travel romantics, as so, i be interested too to look somehow of that in my own eyes, but in soviet union times telescopes be expensive and hard to get equipment. I remember my interest about night sky about in 2004, when i was approx 27 y.o. - i see in local "hands to hands" add about second hand bresser 60 \ 800 achromat for only ~90 usd. that shock me, i get a money, contact with seller, and finally get my "old new" telescope. it was terribly from "now" standpoint, but then, long ago, i be a very happy with it - see a jupiters moons and two cloud belts in 40x and 100x, see beautiful saturn with rings, moon...!
from that my hobby starts. little knowing itself, i never force it hobby hard, as i can get tired from it, as so for that many years i have not so many observations, but i move slowly - read astronomy forums, learning about observation techniques, hardware, and so on.
now i plan in next 5 - 7 years to relocate for living to rural site, as i see living in city i have lost good,clear nights ( it is one from many things, because i want to off from city).
from linux soft i used generally KStars from kdeedu package ( in slack aut of the box, if choose "full" installation) - it be good for my purposes in general - to looking, what's planets be in view in that night, when it culminates, and in what its height over horizont, also the same + phase for moon.
i know also XEphem as good linux planetary programm, and also cartes du ciel,stellarium ,celestia, old Xplns...
a time ago, when i looks, who i can get in astrophoto, i bought philips 740 webcam, and use lin4astro livecd distro for capturing wideo from that webcam, but understand, that's not for me - i do not like spend big time to processing images, as so, i continue to planets and moon single-shot via my digital compact camera's.
in last year i investigate to buy a motorcycle for relatively cheap and fast way to travel to my rural site, where i have a small cabin and 200f6 newtonian already...;)
most of my seeing objects is two larger planets - saturn & jupiter, and moon.
but in last times i slowly try to see also most bright DSO's - M13, M42....
also a few years ago bought a SQM-L for "sky quality measure", but in last time used he rarely also...
in general, astroclimate in my country is bad, and have a small number of clear sky at night, and even when have - small percent of this is with stable, calm atmosphere, without turbulency, who is very important for planet viewing...

kooru 02-13-2013 03:34 AM

+1 for this topic :)

A good thing could be do a list of all astronomy software on linux.

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