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Nad0xFF 04-06-2005 05:53 PM

Aren't you using windows at all?
Hello! It is very interesting to me, is here anybody, who doesn't use MS Windows at all? Or you boot it to get some programs ot other?

oneandoneis2 04-06-2005 06:03 PM

I use it at work, where I have no other choice. Not at home tho. It doesn't do anything I need it for

rshaw 04-06-2005 06:24 PM

at work yes,lots of dos apps we still need. not at home.

phil.d.g 04-06-2005 06:33 PM

I only use it to maintain one or two programs I have written. Other than that no, I use linux for everything else, though I'm going to give one of the BSD's a shot tomorrow, am downloading it now!

Moloko 04-06-2005 06:37 PM

Never use it, I use Linux for leisure and work. I only use Windows at a friends computer, when I'm about to finish a website (the IE-horror-check). I could install IE with Wine, but I don't want to ;)

You don't need Windows, perhaps a lot people think that, because they don't know any better. Linux has better software, but it is difficult to use sometimes (the best tools are still and always will be command line tools).

Komakino 04-06-2005 06:53 PM

No, I don't use windows at all, and I reserve a big laugh and the comment "Well, if you WILL use windows!" whenever I hear about their latest virus nightmare.

I've been windows free for 16 months.

reddazz 04-06-2005 06:56 PM

I don't use Windows at all. Everything I need for home and work is available in Linux.

jschiwal 04-06-2005 07:06 PM

I had my desktop setup with XP on a couple raid drives and Linux on another. When my raid controller went bad, I didn't bother re-installing XP. That freed up the drives for linux. I do use windows at work however.

Ben2210 04-06-2005 07:08 PM

I've been windows-free for 2 years :cool:, both at home and at work

At the universities I've been working at, they have Red Hat, FreeBSD and Solaris.

piscikeeper 04-06-2005 07:33 PM

<< two of those machines dual-boot (suse and slack).but,since it would require a re-boot,why bother?

Tinkster 04-06-2005 08:01 PM

Unfortunately some of the commonly used functions of
Outpuke here at work won't work with the web-interface
or Linux-Clients, and we have a winDOHs only CRM
solution, so I have a Windows machine amongst the
4 boxes on my desk :} .... I haven't tried running those
under cxoffice yet (which I purchased).


AndrewZorn 04-06-2005 09:46 PM

If anyone here uses ONLY linux, then surely you have 3d support.
I'd say some of you have an ATI card.


frob23 04-06-2005 10:27 PM

Seven years now without Windows on my computer (at all). I honestly never use windows unless I am at someone else's computer and I want to browse the web. My work runs windows but I can bring my laptop in to get real work done. I just need to initiate the nightly backup program and that is all.

I can not think of a single program I would "need" to use Windows for. I do have a DOS emulator for Shadow Warrier (Who wanta some Wang!?) but even that isn't windows... and I haven't used that for months -- hmm... time to slice up some bad-guys.


mrcheeks 04-06-2005 10:39 PM

i don't use windows at all too. At work i am allowed to use any unix/linux to "stay productive" :-). buy that hehe. i don't need it at home.
i don't know everything about linux too, rtfm'ing is quick, i just skip the relevant parts :-) and read the rest.

Optimistic 04-06-2005 10:47 PM

I don't use Windows at all either. There are Windows machines at my office, but I take my Slackware powered Laptop with me and use my own box instead.

It is great. I haven't missed Windows at all.

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