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sayhello_to_the_world 11-15-2013 01:49 PM

apply an amazon-api-stream : how to do that?
hello dear Joomla-fans

well i am trying to get some Amazon-Api-Things to work for me. But i am no expert at all.

The question is: how to work with this Amazon-product-widget !?

hello - i can retrieve a amazon-product stream - with some data

image of the item /(book)
count of reviews (for the book s)
and rating

question - how to include this in a customized Joomla-block. Is this doable!?
And if so: Can i change the items that are fetched.

How to do this - how can i change the items - and show other books or things.
Is this possible
see the link below: just add it into a browser and play around with it

any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

love to hear from you

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