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neo77777 12-08-2002 12:09 AM

Anybody into boxing???
Just watched Vladimir (have no idea why his first name is spelled with W first must be German) Klichko vs. McCline on HBO, I sort of expected my neighbour's victory - I lived accross the street from Vladimir and Vitali in Kiev, Ukraine - but it was a good fight to watch, I am anxious to see Lennox vs Vitali in the Spring'04. Your forecasts???

tincat2 12-08-2002 03:42 AM

haven't seen much of the klichkos,only a little of the match between vladimir and mercer. vladimir looked strong and aggressive as well as tough-granting vitali has similar talents to vladimir(and i have heard that he is the less gifted)that's a good start but he would be going against a very good fighter in lennox, who can box with the best of the heavyweights as well as hit accurately and hard and take some shots if he has to(which he is also very good at avoiding). if vitali can stay cool and not burn out too soon trying to flatten lewis, then he may be able catch lennox thinking about something other than the business at hand and do some damage, though he better be quick himself and not get lured into a false sense of security. all in all, it's hard for me to predict because i'm not that familiar w/ klichko. what i did see of vladimir in that one fight, and assuming a comparable level of proficiency from vitali, says to me that he's not quite there when you're talking championship fight against a for real champion-mercer was old but tough and klichko was on the way to beating him up but lewis will be a difficult target with a dangerous arsenal-lewis hasn't always been on for every fight but i think he wants to go out a winner so he won't neglect this bout-vitali will need his "a" game.

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