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jsnch 06-29-2005 10:04 PM

A question about Citrix ICA Server for window2003...
who use citrix metafrom ? i have been dowload citrix ICA cilent for solaris,but i need to dowloads citrix server for window2003 yet,
i don't sure where is it dowload, is ? i can't dowload, have others website can dowload it? thanks

jlliagre 06-30-2005 01:43 AM

Citrix server is a commercial product..

trickykid 06-30-2005 09:38 AM

Moved: Not a Solaris question and belongs in General since its not even a question related to *nix.

williamwbishop 06-30-2005 02:15 PM

The server component, as stated is a purchase item. You can download the win32 client, which is free, but without the server you aren't going anywhere. Most don't know that you can use 2k to host the license server and get unlimited connection license. Just a free tidbit of knowledge there, because I'm not sure you know what you are asking for....and someone ought to get something from reading this far.

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