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programmershous 07-16-2004 01:02 PM

[TROLL] I am a lazy but clever Linux developper :-)
Fiction Story I invented yesterday.

<begin troll>

I am working in a big american software company in the Silicon Valley and I got a new job : I wrote in my resume I am a linux guru which is not true of course, I have just read 2 or 3 books ;-) but who knows. And I also exagerated my last job experiences LOL, who can guess ? :scratch:

I am quite stressed at my new job but FORTUNATELY, each time I have a prob, I post my question on Linux and the real gurus will give me the answers.

My boss thinks I am a genious and I earn a lot without too much efforts.

Thanks Linuxquestions Gurus ! :Pengy: I love you.
I think I will buy a new car.

</end troll>

I hope you will like my joke and my imagination.
ps : this story is not true, I just invented it, or maybe thats someone I know, who knows ? ;-)
I should become a writer soon. Shakespeare I am coming to you.

ugenn 07-16-2004 01:27 PM


I too, coincidentally work in a big american software company in the Silicon Valley, although unlike yourself, I've been there for over 10 years.

Recently, we hired a self-professed Linux guru who also claimed to have picked up lots of valuable relevant experience in his previous appointment. However, after putting him through a stressful trial period, we found his capability to be surprisingly lacking in many areas.

For example, his Linux knowledge doesn't seem to extend beyond the information picked up from just 2 to 3 books, and he has, unbeknownst to him, been spotted surfing the net regularly during office hours.

Since he's still pretty green, we try to humour him by giving him praises now and then, although we are not sure how long more this charade can be kept up. As I write this, I'm contemplating issuing the pink slip. Hopefully, he does not intend to commit himself into any financial obligations anytime soon.


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