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SigTerm 01-27-2010 11:41 AM

[SOLVED] Linux HDD backup under windows - looking for backup utility

I'm looking for a simple free(as in beer) Windows CLI utility that would allow me to copy linux hdd (entire hdd, not just one partition) into file and write from file to that hdd.


I'm looking for a way to redirect stdout into physical disk under the windows/redirect physical disk data into stdin. This might be possible since CreateFile allows writing into physical hdd directly, but copy /b "\\.\PhysicalDrive1" 1.bin doesn't work (returns "incorrect function").

Why I need it:
Want to try freebsd, need to backup existing slackware linux hdd in case I won't like freebsd. And no, I don't want to use virtual machine.

Additional info/requirements:
0) Utility should be free. As in "Free Beer".
1) Utility should work directly under WinXP without extra bootable mediums. Anything bootable is bound to use ntfs-3g and it has/had(?) couple of problem when it comes to writing large files.
2) Should be able to read entire physical disk, not just partition. Because entire linux system is placed onto separate physical harddrive, this shouldn't be a problem.
3) CLI utility preferred. I don't need flashy gui (I hate gui), just need something simple as hammer, without any additional features. Something like dd, perhaps, or something simpler, like "cat" with ability to read data from physical disks.
4) tar backup is not an option - need entire hdd backuped along with partition table.
5) making backup under linux won't work either - bootable CDs/DVDs I have now don't have any ntfs mount write support AND ntfs-3g has a huge problem with writing large files (will slow down to a crawl with high cpu usage), and it is not good idea to read raw data from mounted filesystem.
6) Already tried google, and (as it is always with windows software) got large amount of ****ty commercial/shareware utilities that try to compete with each other and have more functionality than I need. So I'm looking for advice. (And yes, I'm familiar with "How to ask questions smart way".)
7) Writing utility myself is not a good idea - although I can do it, I'll probably destroy my hdd data as a result of early software bug or typo.

So, any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

SigTerm 01-27-2010 11:54 AM

Nevermind, found dd for windows, looks like what I was looking for.
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