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ade05fr 07-28-2011 05:08 AM

[BIOS] No External USB Disk detection
hi everyone

Since a few days i have a BIOS issue with my acer aspire 9420. I have an internal IDE disk and an external USB HDD (in fact its an USB adapter for internal HDD) WD SCORPIO BLUE 750Gb.
In the BIOS boot sequence there is no more my usb HDD detected while it was recognized before.
Because of this i have changed my HDD (which was under warranty) and received a new one but til now its the same problem.
What is strange is when i boot under gentoo and plug my USB disk my linux distr recognize this drive and can be mounted normally without any datas/hardware corruptions or problems.

Does anyone know how can i solve this ?
Do i have to flag to "boot" one of the partition ?

Thanks for your feedbacks :-)

smallpond 07-28-2011 02:02 PM

Some things to check:
  1. Make sure USB is before the internal drive in BIOS boot order
  2. Make sure the USB drive is bootable, check with: sudo parted -l
  3. Watch the messages during boot, may be an error

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