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hecresper 01-23-2004 05:48 PM

Questions on Headless VNC installation

I've read on an article about being able to install Fedora through a remote VNC session.


Well, I have yet to come across a comprehensive guide on how to accomplish the VNC install.

So far all I know is that you boot off disk or CD, and pass the option of linux vnc to the installer, after a few screens it asks for the IP information to use and it then gives you the information to use in the VNC client.

I've also read that there's a kickstart config file one could use to automate the passing of the linux vnc argument and entering the IP information.

After writing the bootdisk.img file to a diskette, I opened the file syslinux.cfg and it seems that I could change the first line to read:

default linux vnc

What I don' know is where do I supply the static IP information to automate the process?

I'm thinking I may need the network.img boot disk instead of using bootdisk.img

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